Beginner’s First Scarf Tutorial

Join me for this course which will show you the building blocks of knitting. You will learn how to choose your materials from the overwhelming supplies that you might see in your local wool shop, or on an online craft store. Then I’ll guide you through how to put stitches on the needles. I’ll also unravel the complexities of holding the needles and understanding ‘knit’ stitch. We’ll then finish your project carefully and neatly so you can be proud of your finished scarf.


This is ideal for beginner knitters of all ages and for those who are looking for a small project as they return to knitting after a break and need a reminder of all the intricate details that make this craft what it is.

Once you’ve seen this video and are inspired to continue, click here to see Part One of the tutorial.
Beginner’s First Scarf: Part one

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