Beginner's Foundations: 

Knit 3 Baby Hats

So you can learn to knit like a pro, without dropping a single stitch!

Does the thought of making mistakes and ending up with a pile of unravelled yarn sitting at your feet fill you with dread?  

I mean, how can anyone take a pair of needles and a ball of wool and transform it into a cuter-than-a-trio-of-furry-kittens baby hat?  

You can! With this video course you'll become an expert knitter, and you'll have access to knitting gorgeous baby hats for years and years to come. These timeless patterns are clean, minimal and perfect to repeat many times. 

With the knowledge you'll gain on choosing yarn and selecting colours, each one will be tailored and perfect for each cuddly newborn, bouncing toddler and confident pre-schooler you'll ever know.

What Beginner's Foundations: Knit 3 Baby Hats can give you...

Knit 3 Baby Hats does exactly what it says on the tin! It will give you beginner's foundations... so you'll have the knitting know-how that you need to knit without asking for help, without bodging it up, without giving up half-way through a project AND with finished items that are so pro, your friends will be asking where you bought them- not if you knitted them!

That's right you'll have all the knitting know-how you never knew you needed! (try saying that with a mouth full of marbles!)

Not only that... this course of foundations will teach you how to pick up a pattern, choose your yarn and start knitting. All those hours spent looking for solutions on YouTube and Wiki-How are over- you'll know where to start, how to knit and how to finish... all by yourself.

Included In The Foundations Video Course....

Striped Baby Beanie Tutorial Series

I'll show you the foundations of knitting in this series of tutorials with added interest in striping two colours of yarn- without dropping a stitch! BONUS included guiding you through striping with three colours.

Squared Tassel Hat Tutorial Series

By using what you've learned in the striped beanie you can start to add texture and flourishes that you never thought possible. Tassels, 💙 and 🔷 included! 

Two-Tone Baby Beret Tutorial Series

This classic shape for an infant is easy to make- once you know how. With my step-by-step demo videos you can fly through this pattern and even add a bonus bobble to the top!

Choosing Yarns For Baby Knits Workshop

A guide to selecting the best yarns when knitting for babies and toddlers. Whether shopping online or in store I'll make the process easier and less daunting than you ever imagined.

BONUS Colour Choice Workshop

Finding colours that work well, singly, in duets or trios can be a heart-stopping task. After this workshop you'll have confidence to even choose four colours at once! Focused on choosing colours for baby knits this will be a workshop to return to again and again.

Included In The All Access Foundations Video Course....

All Tutorials and Workshops From The Foundations Video Course

- Striped Baby Beanie video tutorial series.

- Squared Tassel Hat video tuturial series.

- Two Tone Baby Beret video tutorial series.

- Choosing Yarn for Baby Knits Workshop and BONUS Colour Choice Workshop.

Transfer Your Skills

- Transfer your skills with 6 bonus patterns- knits for all ages.

- Striped beanies for men and boys with 3, 4 and 5 colours.

- Ladies beret and scarf.

- Girls beret and tassel hat, using chunky yarn- for a faster knit! 

- EXTRA video demonstrations for the new skills found in these patterns.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS! Buy before 11.59pm (UK time) Friday 1st September 2017

Private Facebook group with weekly knit-alongs

- We'll knit through each of the baby hats together with weekly Q&As.

- I'll give an A to your Q within 24 hours, to extinguish any gremlins.

- You will then choose two bonus patterns to knit together for two more knit-alongs.

"Even though I would not class myself as a total beginner I still learnt a couple of new things. Your explanation and videos were clear and easy to follow. "

Fiona - UK

Who is this knitting dame, anyway???

"Hello! I'm Hannah! I love knitting. I've been knitting for almost 40 years and I designed my first collection of knitted accessories in 2008. 

I have been teaching knitting in various ways for a very long time... to my friends at school, to my knitting buddies and family over the years and also to myself!  

By breaking down each part of a task I am able to teach and explain the knitting process so you will understand the simplest things which seem confusing to most knitters."

14 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. 

I love knitting and want you to as well. If you're not happy once you've selected your yarns and starting knitting, I'll refund you the full cost of this course. 

All I ask is that you let me know within 14 days of purchase. (I am not responsible for refunding any materials purchased as you begin knitting.)

Why you need this course today...

  • Maybe you spend your time shifting your gaze between your pattern and your needles, feeling as if any old idiot could figure out what part of the pattern you should be knitting next- why can't you!?
  • Maybe you're intimidated by even the thought of entering a yarn shop attempting to pick out wool and a pattern... do you really want to spend three hours making yourself dizzy, only to walk out with nothing? 
  • AND I bet your bestie makes knitting look so easy AND finishes each item so neatly that you don't even want to try for fear of failure?

You know that...

  • You want to be able to knit for every adorable, sweet-smelling baby that comes into you life.... the cutest, cuddliest beanies, blankets and tank-tops that the world can offer.
  • It's possible for millions of people to knit successfully, and with this course you can too. Everything you knit will seem astoundingly accomplished to your friends... but you will know that it's easy, it's enjoyable, it's giving you a smug face and a huge emoji grin!
  • You can learn the basics and use those foundations to build a creative, fulfilled journey. Your yarn-loving life is just beginning; the cabled cardigans, giant throws for your sofas, multi-coloured scarves and lace shawls are in your future- and you'll be the one knitting them!

Buy for the All Access Beginner's Foundations and.... 

until 11.59pm Friday 1st September 2017 

exclusive access to Private Facebook Group for extra support and knit-alongs

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