Knitting For Profit: Why I changed my knitwear prices

Knitting For Profit

Oct 29

Could you raise your knitwear prices too?

There’s a simple answer to this…. ‘Yes!’

It really is that simple. But sometimes we need persuasion and a lot of persuasion is about proof.
You’ll not hear anyone suggesting you try something new without some kind of back-up and proof-based language.

And as I discovered it needn’t always be the spoken word that does a good job of changing minds, it’s the action too.

What was it then, that changed my mind?

When I was starting to sell my knits out and about, I was learning from those around me. I watched other stall holders in craft fairs and chatted to jewellers, potters, paper crafters and asked all sorts of questions.

Some of the best lessons I learned came from my customers. I’ll tell you today a story of how I learned a great deal in a very short time. I will forever be grateful for this experience and will likely never forget it.

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