When is a hat a hat?

When it’s a hat?

OK, that was a daft question, but I’ve seen some odd looking hats in my time as a knitter and some of them I wouldn’t describe as hats!

Firstly there is a craze for hats with ponytail holes. It’s a nice idea, but when I had long hair I wanted it all squashed down around the brim to keep my neck warm! This type of shaped headband is great in thick variegated yarn, to keep the ears and forehead cosy, if the top of the head is going to be exposed to all the elements changeable weather can throw at you. 🙂


And a Ninja-style balaclava is taking the idea a little too far for every day, or selling on Etsy!







And then, as I just suggested there is the easy knits headband. It’s great in super chunky yarn too, and perfect for a first cable project or testing out some textured knitting, maybe moss stitch, or double moss. It can be worked from the brim, as if knitting the first stage of a hat. The other option is to knit a long piece, like a large bookmark, or small scarf and knit on those few stitches until you reach a length that fits around the head comfortably. You can then sew the ends together or create a buttonhole fastening to join at the front for an extra quirk with a large over-sized button.

Have some fun with some thick yarn and needles, I’d love to see what you can create.

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