Beginner’s Foundations….coming soon!

Beginner’s Foundations: Knit 3 Baby Hats

Does the thought of making mistakes and ending up with a pile of unravelled yarn sitting at your feet fill you with dread?

I mean, how can anyone take a pair of needles and a ball of wool and transform it into a cuter-than-a-trio-of-furry-kittens baby hat?

You can! With this video course you’ll be an expert knitter, wanting to know more and more about the yarn-loving world.

You’ll also have access to knitting gorgeous baby hats for years and years to come. These timeless patterns are clean, minimal and perfect to repeat many times.

With the knowledge you’ll gain on choosing yarn and selecting colours each one will be tailored and perfect for each cuddly newborn, bouncing toddler and confident pre-schooler you’ll ever know.

Beginner’s Foundations Knit 3 Baby Hats will be open for enrolment soon, with 2 levels, 2 prices to fit your pocket and an exciting launch exclusive- Access to me inside a Private Facebook Group, with weekly Q&As and knit-alongs for each of the three hats… and more. I’ll give you more details soon.

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