Beginner’s Smartphone Case Tutorial

Once you’ve completed the Beginner’s First Scarf project this is an ideal second tutorial for first-time knitters. Not only will you enjoy the challenge, but you’ll have a useful case once you’ve finished. And your whole family will be wanting you to knit more!

In the following videos Hannah will take you through the steps for this knitting project, from choosing the yarn, deciding which needles to knit with, to finishing with a case to be proud of.

All the methods are carefully introduced with step-by-step instructions including how to hold the needles and yarn and how to put stitches on the needle so you can start knitting. All the questions you wanted to ask are answered right here.

We will learn how to make button holes and the purl stitch so you can create a finished item with contrasting and interesting textures on the fabric.




You’ll find the first videos in this series here:
Beginner’s Smartphone Case: Part one

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