Choosing which colour to knit with is easy…right?

I have a wicked grin on my face! Is it easy? is it?

And more confusing is drilling down and saying, what do I choose for my Dad’s Christmas jumper, my bestie’s Winter hat, my neighbour’s new baby?

Well today let’s investigate just one of those options… the baby knit.

Choosing yarn for baby knits is all very well, just pick a ball off the shelf that says ‘baby yarn’, surely? If only it was that easy. I avoid designer yarns and yarns that are everyone’s ‘favourites’ and for very good reasons…. Have a little peek into my thought process when selecting the best for every baby that enters my life.

How was that? Does that feel easier? Just going into a store with a finer focus will help you actually make a choice, rather than walk around the shop going dizzy and leaving three hours later with nothing!

If you’d like to know more about knitting for baby knits, I’ll be sending emails this week about the new course I’ve created. The cart will be open soon!
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