Christmas Knitting 
Weekend Workshop

Christmas Knitting 
Weekend Workshop

Plan your Christmas knits over a lazy weekend and match yarns, colours, styles and fits to all your gift list, without seeing the result gathering dust on Boxing Day!

Want to plan a few knits for a change?

  • How many times have you knitted your friends and family gifts, and seen them languishing and unworn by the boot box three months later?

  • When you've put so much effort into a Doctor Who scarf,  a Gryffindor mug cosy, and an Outlander-inspired shawl, isn't it heart-breaking to see the face fall when the carefully wrapped gift is opened?

  • Worried the same old boring is too..... boring? Are you the sis-in-law who's knitted three grey pairs of mitts three years in a row, as 'she always wears grey'?

Gift a heart-stopping 'wow' as well as the knit!

  • With a set of step-by-step videos you're going to find ideas for this year's Christmas knits that light up the hearts of those who open gifts from you.

  • You can repeat the process for each knit you make, creating an amazing array of pitch-perfect presents that you will no longer hesitate over as you wrap. (that old... 'is it really good enough?' will be running through your mind no more)

  • Your nephew will hug you over and again when he sees you on Boxing Day. Just imagine gifting him a Harry Potter inspired hat at the age of nine, and he'll still be squeezing it on his head when he's off to University. That's the kind of impact you can have this year, if you watch the lessons and take the action with your knitting I know you're capable of.

Join me for the Christmas Knitting
Weekend Workshop

pick up a new knitting challenge, with an achievable goal,

 and put some pizzazz back into your knits!

Christmas Knitting

Christmas Knitting

- 4 videos helping you plan your knits, so they're loved and worn for    years to come.

- discover how the colours you choose will make a big difference.

- learn some sizing tricks, so anything you knit will fit like a glove!

- become a detective about which knits to choose for which recipient.

- BONUS video and cheatsheet guide to help choose colours in pairs.

- BONUS 5-task planning workshop to decide who you're knitting for.

Spend 35mins watching the videos, while you're waiting for your party dress to be delivered post-haste by FedEx, and then an afternoon in a coffee shop (or the café in your local yarn store!) planning the yarns and patterns you'll use when knitting for family in the run-up for Christmas.

£19 today (approx $25usd)

(you don't need a PayPal account to purchase through a PayPal checkout,
just a debit or credit card)

When you buy this Weekend Workshop...
you'll also get these bonuses:

pdf Colour Duets Guide

Picking colours in pairs can be scary sometimes.
There's a feeling of, 'is it right, it is wrong, is that what the yarn creator or pattern designer intended?'

You'll always get it right, with this cheatsheet by your side. 4 rules to follow and lots of examples for a quick reminder every time you're planning a new knit.

5-day planning workshop

'but, didn't you already say this was a planning workshop?'
Yes I did, I didn't mean to confuse!
The main workshop helps you refine what you've already decided to knit.
We need to create the defined list first. That's what these 5 videos with worksheets are for. 5 x 10-min tasks over a couple of hours or one each day for a week, will get you organised and ready to refine.


BONUS Colour Duets Video

I'll help you wrap up the colour duets guide with a Christmassy twist.

It's an easy fix, once you know how, to create knits that will be loved every winter for many years, thanks to the colours of yarn you choose, as well as the pattern.

Are the Weekend Workshops Right For You?

What's included in this workshop?

  • Four videos lasting between 7 and 10 mins, and a bonus video. Complete video time approx 35mins.
  • Downloadable, printable, pdf cheatsheet to help you choose colours in pairs. (ideal to store with yarn stash)
  • Life-time access to the videos, in the password-protected members area of the Knit WIth Hannah website.
  • Access granted within a few minutes, once you've gone through checkout. If you're already a member, just log in, if you're new you'll be asked to register.  (easy-peasy, lickety-split!)


  • I'll not teach you any knitting techniques, this workshop is all about  planning for gift giving.
  • You'll not receive any patterns or yarn, you'll have to buy these separately (or use your stash!)
  • I'm not offering live training. All these videos are pre-recorded. (You can buy one-to-one support separately, and I'll help you further with your planning and knitting.)
  • You'll not get access to any other weekend workshop- this offer is for one workshop, teaching Christmas planning.

Why learn to knit with Hannah?

Hi, I'm Hannah!
I've been knitting since I was yay high, (you know, the height of a four-year-old!) which is almost 4 decades. I've knitted countless items, tried and conquered so many techniques and styles of knitting, and learned a lot of what not to do too! Let's face it, I just love it.

My teaching experience comes not just from teaching my friends and family to knit (I was helping my friends at school!) but also from teaching the piano in my 20s and from having a Mum who was a teacher- her style and experience rubbed off on me, so I know how to break down tasks and deliver them, so you can understand more fully and easily what you're 

These Weekend Workshops are some of my favourite creations- I love teaching and learning in bite-sized chunks- I hope you'll love them too!


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