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declutter your yarn

Step-by-step challenge to sort, store and reuse your yarn stash

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Yes!  I'm ready to declutter my yarn stash!

What you can guarantee from this yarn stash challenge:

  • Overwhelm and denial about how much you have hidden will be a thing of the past. (Yes, I know about the secret stash under the bed!) 
  • You'll sort and sift through your yarn and your patterns and be ready to finish your half-done knits.
  • Storing what you have will be easier than ever, with your new perspective on how much you really need.
  • Videos with every task to cheer you on and answer any questions.

Hey! Who is this knitting dame anyway???

Hello! I'm Hannah! I love knitting. I've been knitting for almost 40 years and I designed my first collection of knitted accessories in 2008. I have been teaching knitting in various ways for a very long time... to my friends at school, to my knitting buddies and family over the years and also to myself! 

And yes, I have been sorting and busting my yarn stash, year after year. I can break this down for you and make it much less of an overwhelming headache...

"I love that you share the little tips on what you do personally so that I can try that too and so far it is going much better!" Karen, (Alberta, Canada)