Free Guide to Declutter Your Yarn Stash

4-steps to a tidy, organised and knit-able yarn stash

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FREE email series & 8 page guide to help you tidy and sort your yarn,
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What you can guarantee from this guide :

  • 4-Steps of decluttering: You'll find some hidden gems, knit with what you love and let go of what you don't.
  • 3 Questions to ask. See the decluttering work like magic as you ask these 3 questions every ball you find.
  • Overflowing yarn no more! Find an essential four rules so you will never see your stash mixed, confused or overflowing again.
  • See your knitting uplifted, inspired and motivated. As you rekindle your love for yarn, you'll be eager to get those needles clicking more than before, without needing to shop for new yarn - it'll be right there in front of you!
Sign me up... I need to declutter my yarn!

Hey! Who is this knitting dame anyway???

Hello! I'm Hannah! I love knitting. I've been knitting for almost 40 years and I designed my first collection of knitted accessories in 2008. I have been teaching knitting in various ways for a very long time... to my friends at school, to my knitting buddies and family over the years and also to myself! 

As for cluttered yarn - I've been there too! After taking the leap and deciding to go through my yarn in a big way back in 2016, this is the result. A tidy, organised yarn stash and a whole process for you to steal and utilise.

"You are the answer to my problems. You cover all the questions I have, but have been afraid to ask at our yarn shop because I will sound foolish. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"