Hannah And Her Technicolour DIYs

“….if you think it, want it, dream it, then it’s real, you are what you feel…”

I love the musical, Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. There’s something in the story and soundtrack that just gives me goosebumps. It’s the tale of someone overcoming misfortune, difficult situations and harsh treatment, only to come out shining because he allowed these misfortunes and difficult situations to invade his life without resistance. He let these life stages happen with flow, with faith in his own abilities, he observed what was happening and believed in his dreams, metaphorical or otherwise.

Beginning this website, filming videos, creating DIY demonstrations and having the motivation and drive to speak to you every week with my emails and blog posts is something that I would have called dream-worthy, out of my reach just a few months ago. Definitely this time last year I had never imagined it, let alone thought it out of my reach!

And, yes, what brought me here was to explore, become creative, try a few new crafts, become confident in my ability to express my deepest Self. Then the thoughts, desires, dreams and reality flowed to offer me these chances for my future.

The multicoloured dreamcoat isn’t really translated into a pair of multicoloured tassels- but go ca-razy, find a tonne of wool and you may have enough tassels to cover a coat before you know it!

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