Crafty Cables

Take the beginner's first step to adding pizzaz to your knits, even if the thought of twisting Stitches is giving you zombie-chills!!

Is this your knitting story?

  • you've been following the same patterns again and again and you're starting to think, "no more knitting, I'll go to the craft store and take up felting, patchwork, or quilling instead!"

  • you're buying Rowan's magazine season after season and just wishing you could find the courage to knit one of the cable cowls, even if it means learning a whole new set of jargon.


  • and you're thinking about selling off your yarn stash- you just know if you knit another garter stitch scarf for your niece or nephew they're going to deny all knowledge of your existence!

don't you just wish...

  • you could find the time to dig out the patterns you collected from your Gran's last year, and pick an amazing fisherman's jumper to knit for your husband - just like she used to knit for your Dad?

  • you could walk the school pick-up in the autumn, with a pair of cute, cosy cable mitts that you knitted for yourself, you can just feel the soft merino yarn, with that touch of alpaca. Perfect!

  • you could find the time to learn cabling, you just love the beret and scarf set you found on Sublime's website last week... the gorgeous twisted pattern sets your heart alight every time you think of it.

Join me for Crafty Cables​​​​​

What's covered in the course?

You'll find tutorials for four items, split into short digestible videos. 

Most are 3-7mins, giving you bite-sized chunks of learning, the longest will be 15mins if I'm knitting along with you to give you more tips as I go through the pattern.

mug cosy

We'll knit a mug cosy to learn the first basic techniques of twisting stitches. Two different patterns will fit any mug.

(Also ideal as a cuff or bracelet)


You'll be able to cable on a knit and purl row after this training.... there's lots of sizes, and two different patterns, ideal for all the family.

fingerless mitts

Now we'll use the techniques from the first two patterns and add some shaping. A simple but bold cable design is all your need to turn heads!

plait cloche

Create more complex cable effects to create a plait with three strands of knitting in one cable feature. And while you're at it, knit up the most cosy hat you'll ever own!

Four tutorial series, value £100 (£25 each)
six patterns, multiple sizes and styles, value £29.96

All waiting for you, for just

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Who is this knitting dame anyway?

Hi, I'm Hannah!

I've been knitting since I was 4-years-old. (Almost 4 decades!)
I taught myself to cable as a teenager and have loved this method of adding interest to knits ever since.

I began teaching knitting as a child, when my friends at school needed help and have been teaching online since March 2017.

14 day money back Guarantee

I've taken care to put Crafty Cables together with step-by-step lessons so you can learn one thing at a time, but if you find it's not for you, or the lessons are too long, or get annoyed by my accent (who would I'm English!) I'll refund every penny... I promise.

just email me within 14 days and let me know that this course isn't the one for you.

Did I forget? How about some bonuses! :D

Bonus 1

all of the tutorials come with pdf pattern guides alongside the patterns. These help you keep track of where you are and what you're doing. (like a bullet journal for knitters!)

value £20

Bonus 2

You can create a full matching set of cable accessories, with these cable hat and scarf patterns. 

value £9.98

Bonus 3

you'll find repair and fix-it videos amongst the tutorials. If you come up against a frog-worthy mistake, you can sort it out quickly and easily for yourself.

value £50

That's right, all 4 tutorial series, 3 bonuses including extra patterns,

join now, for just £87
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Why join Crafty Cables?

You'll learn enough cabling to help you follow countless cable patterns independently.

Cabling needn't be difficult, in fact it's a technique that once learned is easy to replicate and enjoy while watching you favourite show on Netflix! (TV knitting is always a bonus!)

Cabling is the ideal next step from beginner's knitting.

While there are many ways you can go after mastering knit and purl stitches, cabling is a perfect next step. It's letting you practice more about switching between knit and purl along the same row- you also will begin to automatically recognise which comes next and not have to rip back so much!

It's also only adding a couple more abbreviations, and you'll come across them time and again, pattern after pattern, so you'll not forget them. 

Small steps in learning are exactly what everyone needs.

Knitting small items are the best way to learn new techniques. You'll see results quickly and start using the items you knit within a few days and weeks.

While it's a lovely idea to go out and find a fisherman's jumper pattern to start your cabling journey, the big leap in knowledge will be difficult and off-putting. (possibly meaning your WIP will sit hiding in the spare room's wardrobe, rather than next to the sofa!)


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Where are the courses... is it live?

What happens once I've paid?

How long do I have access to the videos?

How can I get a refund?

Why should I use this course instead of Craftsy?

Didn't find the answer you're looking for?

I'd love to see you on the inside!


all four tutorial series, extra patterns, 3 bonuses

value, £209.94

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