When Can I Knit too, Mummy?

Experience the Joy of spending Quality time together, as you pass your knitting knowledge to Your next generation

Are you in need of some guidance?

  • You've been badgered again and again as you pull out your knitting and crochet, with the sounds of shrill voices, 'When can I knit too, Mummy?' And as those voices age, the guilt starts to simmer as you wonder for the fiftieth time, where, how and when to start. 

  • You're knitting another winter hat for the school bring-and-buy sale. You know that you could be sitting with your nine-year-old and knitting side-by-side. And all that could knitting could happen while listening to their favourite Moana soundtrack, but it's just not happened yet.

  • You love baking chocolate-chip cookies together and going to an occasional craft morning at your local village hall. But teaching your not-so-little-any-more-child to knit could be different. You'll create real huggable memories that you can both cherish for a lifetime. The kind of experience that mothers need with their sons and daughters, to ground the love in moments.

You can knit together...

  • You'll be knitting scarves together, for all the family next year, swapping your needles between you as you start a new stripe!

  • And the Christmas tree will have new hand-knitted decorations each year, as your collection of baubles, candy canes, snowmen and santas grows in complexity as you learn new and exciting techniques together!

  • Next year's birthday party is already being planned in your mind, simple but effective needles and yarn all set up for everyone to knit friendship bracelets or bookmarks and swap them at cake time!

You can begin your knitting journey together now...

When and how

Discover the 3 key factors that will tell you when you child is ready to start knitting. 

Prep party

Preparation is going to help you knit smoothly and without hiccups, once you start knitting together.

BONUS support guide

Feeling nervous about how much support and guidance you should give? I'll give you lots of tips of how to be hands on, so you can then let their independent knitting shine.

Knitting tutorial 1

 A step-by-step video tutorial series, will guide you through knitting a scarf for teddy together.
(This can be adapted to make a bracelet, a bookmark, or long scarf for an older child.)

Knitting tutorial 2

More step-by-step lessons to knit a pointed pixie hat with a tassel at the top. (sized for 3-6 and 7-11yrs) Both tutorials come with fix-it videos, incase you need them!

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some extra courses, to Support your new yarn-lover

Yarn Craft Corner

You'll have fun exploring yarn in different ways by making DIY weaving looms and using up the left-over yarn with weaving.

With some extra tutorials on making tassels and pom-poms, you'll use up your yarn stash before you know it!

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French knitting

A whole set of video tutorials including making a DIY spool and speed French knitting.
It's a fabulous way to learn more about stitches, alongside knitting with two needles.

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Who is this knitting dame anyway?

Hi, I'm Hannah!

I've been knitting since I was 4-years-old. (Almost 4 decades!)
While learning to knit I discovered the value of other crafts in keeping my interest in yarn alive. I saw them continuing to motivate my french and needle-based knitting.

I began teaching knitting as a child, when my friends at school needed help and have been teaching online since March 2017.

Why Choose 'When Can I Knit too, mummy?'

You'll learn enough about knitting with your child, so you can watch them grow in the craft and begin knitting independently before you ever imagined they would.

Knitting needn't be difficult, and passing that skill on needn't be difficult either. It's when it's taught at the wrong time that things can go pear-shaped. With this course, you'll know when to start that journey of knitting together. And you'll see that the small steps I put in place to help you, will make it a smooth ride. 

Add knitting to your other family activities-
but this will be a precious memory for just the two of you..

Don't we all love playing Sorry! and Uno, watching the Harry Potter films and singing along to Moana, Mulan and the Lego Movie as a family?

But sometimes there are things you want to plant in your memories that you can share with just one child at a time. You know you want to be able to talk about how you used to make chocolate chip cookies, just the two of you.  

Or maybe just one child loves journalling about every school summer holiday and you introduced her to that, you know you'll always have that to remember. Making knitting like that too, is just what this course will achieve and you'll both remember it forever.

Other than the materials you have everything you need for months of knitting with your child.

You have the two knitting tutorial series, which can be followed as many times as you like to make different sizes.

The hats, including the bonus patterns,  have multiple sizes. If you've got a large family, or you'd like to make a few for friends, it's easy to keep putting stitches on the needle and working through the patterns together.

You also have the yarn craft corner and the French knitting sections of the course, which are ideal for keeping the yarn-related hobbies front of mind. We all get a little unmotivated sometimes, so it's great to mix it up a little and these extra tutorials will give you some great ideas.


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 all 3 tutorial series and 3 bonuses,
including extra patterns

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