Lace Wizardry

Become a Lace wizard and Create intentional holes in your knitting, even if you've only been Knitting for a few months!!

Isn't Lace Knitting Sooooo Daunting!???

  • You love watching Downton Abbey and Anne With An E and you can bet if Lady Mary isn't wearing a lace shawl to bed, then Mrs Hughes is knitting one over a glass of sherry in the evening. And Marilla and Rachel are teaching Anne and Diana to knit them too!

  • If they're knitting them in the 19th and early 20th Century that means it's totally beyond me! That's knitting history, I mean I'm knitting mug cosies... who would have knitted a mug cosy then?

  • I know how to put holes in my knitting.... but maybe they're not there on purpose! I'd rather leave that to the grans and nanas, they know how to do lace knitting, maybe I should wait until i'm a nana too.

You can lace knit, Just like your Gran!

  • You'll be knitting lace scarves, lace cowls, lace shawls and summery lace jumpers before you know it. Those patterns in the Rowan magazine are your's for the taking!

  • Just think about choosing the cotton yarn for your jumper, the soft merino wool for your lacey scarf. You'll have such fun in the yarn store searching out the perfect accompaniment to your latest lace pattern.

  • And fabulous super chunky yarn, sitting on your 12mm needles, (growing so quickly)and giving you a chic, captivating result with the holey design.

Join me for Lace Wizardry

What's covered in the course?

You'll find tutorials for four items, split into short digestible videos. 

Most are 3-7mins, giving you bite-sized chunks of learning, the longest will be 15mins if I'm knitting along with you to give you more tips as I go through the pattern.

Bookmarks 1&2

A pair of lace bookmarks  is a great way to start. We'll learn about the new jargon you'll need for lace knitting, repeating patterns and reading lace charts.

Super Chunky Net Cowl

With the simplest design you can turn heads. I'll show you how, with just a few more bits of  jargon and a repeated pattern over more stitches, you'll make a bold statement. .

Double Cross Scarf

Intentional holes can be created in various ways in knitting. This 'cheat's' lace method is great fun, and lets you explore more confident ways of asking the yarn to do as you choose. 

Supporting Lessons

There are 3 essential elements when you approach lace kntting- I'll reveal all in this first lesson. Then in lesson two I'll help you move lace knitting into the 21st Century 

(cos, we're almost 20 years in now!)

four tutorial series, value £100 (£25 each)

two supporting lessons, value £20
four patterns, value £19.96

join now, for just £87
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Who is this knitting dame anyway?

Hi, I'm Hannah!

I've been knitting since I was 4-years-old. (Over 4 decades!)
I taught myself lace knitting as a teenager and have loved this method of adding interest to knits ever since.

I began teaching knitting as a child, when my friends at school needed help and have been teaching online since March 2017

14 day money back Guarantee

I've taken care to put Lace Wizardry together with step-by-step lessons so you can learn one thing at a time, but if you find it's not for you, or the lessons are too long, or get annoyed by my accent
(who would - I'm English!) I'll refund every penny... I promise.

Just email me within 14 days and let me know that this course isn't the one for you.

Did I forget? How about some More bonuses! :D

Bonus 1

all of the tutorials come with pdf pattern guides alongside the patterns. These help you keep track of where you are and what you're doing. (like a bullet journal for knitters!)

value £20

Bonus 2

Once you've knitted through the bookmarks you'll have all you need to know to pick up some chunky yarn, some 6.5mm needles and go for broke with two bonus scarf patterns.

value £9.98

Bonus 3

you'll find 'lace detective' videos amongst the tutorials. If you come up against a frog-worthy mistake, you can sort it out quickly and easily for yourself.

value £50

That's right, all 4 tutorial series, extra patterns and 3 more bonuses.

join now, for just £87
 Pay with PayPal now, using your card or PayPal balance:

(you don't need a PayPal account to go through checkout, just a debit or credit card)

Why join Lace Wizardry?

You'll learn enough lace skills to help you follow countless patterns independently.

Lace knitting needn't be difficult, in fact it's a technique that once learned is easy to replicate and enjoy while watching your favourite show on Netflix!
(TV knitting is always a bonus!)

Lacework is something that all knitters love 

Who doesn't love the look of Marilla's shawl while watching Anne With An E, or Lady Mary's while watching Downton? This style of knitting has been around for years and is revered and placed on a pedestal. Start with the beginner steps and you'll astound yourself and others by what you create.

Small steps in learning are exactly what everyone needs.

Knitting small items are the best way to learn new techniques. You'll see results quickly and start using the items you knit within a few days and weeks.

By beginning with knitting two bookmarks it's easy to see what you're doing and how the skills can be replicated. The following patterns allow you to grow in those skills, with just a few pieces of knitting jargon to add to your knitter's toolkit. 

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Where are the courses... is it live?

How can I get a refund?

What happens next?

How long do I have access to the videos?

Why should I use this course instead of going to Craftsy?

Didn't find the answer you're looking for?

I'd love to see you on the inside!


all 3 tutorial series, 2 lessons,
 3 bonuses, including extra lace patterns.

value, £219.94

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