Profitable Knitting Secrets

Take The Fast-Track To Selling Your Knits For Profit, 

without losing your passion, relying on budget yarns, or knitting 24/7

I know what you've been doing!

  • you've been agreeing to knit Gryffindor scarves for all your friend's children, and charging nothing more than the price of the yarn...

  • you're giving away cosy cable mitts for FREE, to everyone who asks! (you love knitting them and don't feel you can charge as they're so quick to knit!) 

  • and you're thinking about selling some knitted bunting on Ebay- or at your local Christmas fair- but will only price everything at twice the cost of yarn- I mean, it's still a profit, isn't it????

And don't you just wish...

  • your experience and gift were valued more by people who ask you for knitting favours?- they don't get that it's taken years of practice for you to learn!

  • you could be the one at the local craft fair that has a professional looking stall? (not the one that looks a mismatched mess, is hidden in the corner and makes no sales!)

  • you could forget the time you attempted to sell your knits before? (that Christmas sale when it poured with rain, hardly anyone turned up and you only sold one pair of mitts to another stall holder!)

Believe me, I know!

  • I had no one to help me when I started selling my knits and it seemed like an uphill struggle, I knitted so much stock that ended up being given to the local church for it's homeless outreach. 

  • it took me a couple of years to understand my customers, to find the best sales platforms and recognise what worked best for me.

  • that's when I began to make profits. And I continue to do so. 

  • my knitting is so worth it now, I love knitting when I know I'm going to sell the finished item and I have time to knit for myself too.

Are you sitting there thinking...

  • I need to find the right yarn and the right patterns, so I'm not sued for breach of copyright!

  • and what about setting up a website or online store?... I mean I just don't have the time to learn that kind of tech!

  • and I've heard if you're starting a business you're going to spend half your time answering emails and advertising on Pinterest or Twitter! (hasn't the real world heard of What's App?). 

  • and I'm no David Bailey- I can't take fancy photos and really help people understand the effort that goes into knitting so they understand the price!

You can set out a clear strategy with Profitable Knitting Secrets:

  • you will learn the secrets you need to know so you can be profitable when selling your hand-made knits... even if selling to your friends and family! 

  • this course will get you going with the first steps you need to take towards your larger vision... you'll build a plan, and can start selling within a few weeks!

  • and I'll show you that you can use your phone- not only for all your photos but for all your discussions with your customers as you're starting out- if that's what works for you, let's not overcomplicate it!

  • most importantly, you will quickly discover what will work best for you, you'll have great fun (and still love knitting while you're doing it!), without having to rely on trial and error!

What's covered in the course?

module one

discover what knits sell well for everyone and which knits you should focus on for your sales.

module two

explore the world of yarn and create yarn collections with intentional colour palettes.

module three

start preparing your pricing strategy to set up collections and learn how to price customised knitting too.

module four

decide on your sales platform and create a marketing plan to begin raising awareness of your new venture.

module five

learn how preparation is the key to success... and discover how to take advantage of seasonal knits and knitting trends.

BONUS lesson

miss this BONUS lesson at your peril! - your customer service and presentation will contribute to you being rewarded with big profits!!!

BONUS lesson 2

the ultimate guide to finding the right patterns for knitting when you sell. 

BONUS doc 1

Swipe-able, done-for-you yarn selection examples... yes! you can run right with them if you like!

BONUS doc 2

Pricing calculator, so you guarantee a cash friendly, bank lovin', champagne poppin' profit, every time!

All waiting for you, with 24/7, life-time access
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Who is this knitting dame anyway?

Hi, I'm Hannah!

I've been knitting since I was 4-years-old. (Almost 4 decades!) I began selling my crafts as a teenager and quickly learned lots of strategies to encourage sales.

I began designing and selling my knits in 2008 and am excited to share all my wins and failures with you, so you can fast-track your knitting success.

I've been teaching as long as I can remember and my super power is breaking down ideas into achievable steps... I use it for good not evil!

14 day money back Guarantee

Yes, I know this is a big step; beginning to get serious about selling your knits is a leap.
And who said anything about serious anyway! this is just going to expand the joy you feel every day when you pick up your needles- I promise.

To back that up I promise I'll refund every penny if you go through this course and hate my accent (but who would, I'm English!), or find the lessons too long, or the content too boring.
Just email me within 14 days and let me know that this course isn't the one for you.

Did I forget? How about some extra bonuses! :D

Eliminate Pricing Worries Workshop

  • Alongside the Pricing Module and the Q&A, this extra workshop will tackle the mindset issues that can trip us up when pricing.

  • We'll talk about Starving Artist Syndrome and how you can knock it on the head.

  • I'll give you extra tips on how you can show up and be confident in the prices you give everything you sell.

  • And you'll learn everything that happened for me, to change the way I price forever.

Business Models For Knitters Workshop

  • There are not only lots of ways to sell what you knit (as you'll find in the fourth module of Profitable Knitting Secrets) but many options for you to sell others parts of the knitter's journey too.

  • I'll share all the ways I've sold my knitting over the years.

  • And give you top tips on Passive income streams, so you can sell while you sleep, without lifting a finger!

  • Once you've tackled your style, branding and collections with the five modules and six weeks of Q&As, this is the perfect next step for you to create a longer-term vision.

Photography For Knitters Workshop

  • Branding and photography expert Amanda Creek presents this special workshop.

  • You’ll learn how to make taking photos for your brand quick, easy and fail-safe. 

  • Including free access to smartphone photography course. 

That's right! All 5 modules, 4 bonuses, and pdf cheatsheets with every video.

AND the three extra workshops!
the profit you make the next time you sell a few knits will more than pay for it! 

isn't that #worthit ? 

join now, for just

Why join Profitable Knitting Secrets?

Profitable Knitting Secrets is going to get you started.  

You totally nailed it!
That's the whole point of PKS (yes, insiders call it PKS!) it gets you started...

We'll uncover the details that often get left out - while other courses show you how to set up an Etsy shop, I'll help you figure out what you're selling, when, why and to whom.
(because you're so focused, you'll sell more items more quickly.)

But what if you don't want to run an Etsy shop?

PKS will help you uncover so many sales platforms (that you never even knew existed!) that you'll have infinite choice. 

So many courses focus on one, I'll show you that the world is your oyster.  (maybe Diagon Alley is more your thing!)

I'll help you find the route that works for you.

Countless online teachers are determined to have you follow the exact blueprint that worked for them.

I'm the teacher that wants you to discover the blueprint that works for you!

You can mix your own cocktail... I'm a rooibos tea drinker with a yoga mat, curly hair and funky specs- you may be more of a decaf latté obsessed, zumba dancing, Dr. Who-addicted knitter! 

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Where are the courses... is it live?

What happens next?

How long do I have access to the videos?

How can I get a refund?

Why should I use this course instead of going to Craftsy?

Didn't find the answer you're looking for?

I'd love to see you on the inside!


all five modules, 4 bonuses, 2 workshops
and pdf cheatsheets with every video.

the profit you make the next time you sell a few knits will more than pay for it! 

isn't that #worthit ? 

 with access to all future updates too!
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