The Masterful Knitter

A six-week knitting Mastermind To Learn everything you need to become a contented life-long knitter 

So you can embrace that Netflix-Knitter who's Deep-down inside!

Are you ready with needles and yarn?

  • Or have they been sitting in the corner, as you're afraid that when you pick them up it'll all go wrong?
  • But when you do at least attempt to knit there are just too many mistakes that you can't diagnose or fix?
  • Perhaps you've only got so far, and seem stuck with the knit stitch? The next steps appear daunting as there are so many options in the world of knitting.

That's how it felt For me

  • Something intrigued me about knitting - my Grandma never taught me but she always knitted. The results were astounding and extremely inspiring.

  • I didn't have a very knowledgeable knitter right on my doorstep, ready and waiting to teach me, so I had to dig in my heels and make mistakes for years!

  • And I had to figure out those mistakes and fix them too. Along with learning all the new techniques and knitting-shortcuts for myself. That journey took me decades - literally!

so what does the Masterful Knitter Give You that I needed?

You will discover the foundation secrets, so you can learn to knit in a much easier way than I did. And it'll be faster learning too.

Getting your head around why you have a mysterious extra stitch on you needle, or a hole ten rows down in your knitting is no mean feat.
But I'll help you start figuring it out for yourself. And you'll surprise yourself at how, once you've realised why it happens, these issues will begin to disappear!

Understanding yarn is half the battle as well. (didn't know that? not a lot of knitters do!)
The Masterful Knitter will give you the knowledge you need to make yarn selection right on point.
Once I realised how it hampered my progress in the past, it felt like the lights had been turned on. (A True 'Lumos' Moment!)

Let's enjoy these six weeks together:

The Masterful Knitter comes in two parts, firstly there's the Knitting Mastery lessons:

Week one

The yarn master inside you will flourish and grow.
When you're knitting it can feel all about your fingers, needles and stitches, but the foundation of stitches can be found in the yarn.
That's what you do first, right? Pick out your yarn?
Without a selection process and an understanding of what makes yarn, yarn, you're possibly making a big mistake before you've even picked up your needles.

We'll fix that with this first week, You'll learn all about yarn thickness, yarn fibres and yarn selection. We'll also find your perfect needles this week too.

Week two

Begin the healing journey of translating that mysterious knitting code.
Yarn on your needles? great!
Stitches forming nicely? fantastic!
But what about the strange knitting language that's sitting in front of you when you knit from a knitting magazine, blogpost or book?
You'll no longer be tearing your hair out with confusion!

Hermione will be proud of you. :D  Once you've gone through this week's lessons and started the exercises I suggest, you'll be the jargon translator everyone turns to in times of knitting jargon crisis!

Week three

The knitting surgery is open for business!
Broken bones from kicking yourself after all those knitty mistakes? No more!
When you've tried diagnosing and fixing mistakes like I used to, you know there must be an easier way. I'm going to help you.

Believe me, if you've got a mishap in your knitting I've had it before and I've cured it too. There is a whole module of lessons, full of mistake-fixes and diagnosis techniques.
The best bit about this? Once you've diagnosed and fixed mistakes with knitting-doctor knowledge, you'll actually make fewer mistakes that need fixing!

Week four

Discover the many reasons that knitters knit for a life-time.
It's no secret that knitters don't just knit to make things. We know it's good for your health and if you knit in a group then it's a great way to socialise.
Anything else you can think of?
(well there's obviously the bonus of freeing house-elves too!)
You'll be astounded by the multitude of ways that knitting can benefit your mind, body and soul.

In this live workshop you'll be able to join in with the discussion while learning the 10+ ways I know knitting has benefitted knitters around the world.

Week five

Become willing and able to make your own choices while knitting.
Creativity while following a designer's instructions on knitting a scarf, a hat  or jumper may seem like an oxymoron.
But you can be creative, in the simplest ways to make a knit your own.
This week you'll also learn about the stages of knitting towards dream knits. With so many knitting pinnacles - from traditional cable jumpers and cosy winter fair-isle socks, to lacy Downton Abbey shawls and paradoxical Doctor Who scarves!

Week six

Repeat after me: "I am a knitting master".
Wondering what to knit next?
Gone through a few tutorials and thinking you'd like to branch out a bit?
Excited by last week's Creativity inspiration?

We'll plan your next few knitting projects this week, and set you on your way to utilise all that you've learned in this course, to knit for a life-time

I'll show you that once you have foundation skills under your belt, the knitting world is your oyster! (or maybe your sheep!)

The Masterful Knitter also includes (optional):
the second part: knitting tutorials for beginners

This pair of 7 video tutorial series will help you learn the practical basics, through step-by-step lessons, so you'll be a confident independent knitter in no time.

We'll knit through 3 items to begin with and you'll learn the foundations of knitting, from how to hold yarn and needles simultaneously, putting stitches on your needles and starting to create useable items that you can be proud of.
Through these tutorials you'll knit up a simple rectangle, which can become a bookmark, a teddy-bear scarf, a coaster or a bracelet. (or anything else you can imagine!)
You'll also make a customisable smartphone case and a baby beanie.

Teddy bear scarf

Smartphone case

Beginner's baby beanie

Next we'll knit through four series of tutorials together and knit up four classic hats.

There are two different beanies, a classic beret and a pointed pixie hat.
Shaping is needed in so many items when you begin to knit independently, so you'll learn lots of tricks and tips to help you. You'll be learning the tools for knitting way beyond hats and mug cosies.
We'll start using different yarns and read more patterns together
(and make a tassel for the pointed pixie hat!).

Two-Tone Beanie

Stripey Beanie

Chunky Beret

Tassel Hat

These tutorials also come with fix-it-videos. They're right in place, ready to diagnose and cure any mistakes relevant to these specific knits. You'll also find printable pdf patterns and pattern guides with each item.
Many of these knits come in multiple sizes too, so you can knit them up for all the family!

"I learned some basic stitches on youtube but I really feel empowered as I start through the video lessons! I love that you share the little tips on what you do personally so that I can try that too and so far it is going much better!" Karen, (Alberta, Canada)

Who is this knitting dame anyway?

Hi, I'm Hannah!

I've been knitting since I was 4-years-old. (Almost 4 decades!) While knitting as a tween and teen I began to realise that it was up to me to empower myself in my knitting, if I ever wanted to to be good enough to be thought of as the Miss Marple knitter of my generation!

I began learning all I could by knitting and making mistakes. Believe me when I say that it took me decades to really understand what was sitting on my needles and how I could make my knitting journey feel easier. I'm excited to share all my wins and failures with you, so you can fast-track your knitting success.

no-quibble 14-day money back Guarantee

14-day guarantee, for your peace of mind.

I understand that we all need to find the right chemistry with the teacher and programme.
I've taken care to put The Masterful Knitter together with the practical skills alongside all the foundation details to help you knit with more ease. If you find it's not for you,  the lessons are too long, or you get annoyed by my accent (who would -  I'm English!) I'll refund every penny...
 I promise. Just email me within 14 days and let me know that this course isn't the one for you.

Did I forget? How about some bonuses?! :D

Knitting Jargon flash cards and bookmarks

  • Two sets of knitting jargon flashcards to help you learn the jargon quickly and easily
  • Printable or digital images to add to your phone, use them on the go or at home.

  • Along with two bookmarks, printable, to use for a lifetime - the reminders of abbreviations and knitting language is useful no matter your experience.

Bookmark Patterns

  • Knitting up small items in new and interesting stitches will spark your knitting motivation once you've go through the course.

  • Along with module 6 you'll find a set of six knitting patterns and a video guiding you through the knitting jargon we use to describe the different textures.

  • All beginner patterns, using knit and purl stitches, they're ideal to move on and start exploring more knitty options beyond the first tutorials.

Supporting pdf downloads, printables and audios

  • You’ll find pdf patterns and pattern guides with the tutorials and pdf worksheets with all the Mastery lessons

  • And, where suitable, the Knitting Mastery lessons can be downloaded as audio tracks - so you can learn on the go.

Fiona was already a knitter but found the practical lessons really helpful:

"Even though I would not class myself as a total beginner I still learned new things. Your explanations and videos were clear and easy to follow" 

"Knitting under your umbrella, as it were, has given me the confidence to branch out from the simplest patterns and try new things, which in turn has reinvigorated my love of knitting." Sarah (Scotland, UK)

Who is The Masterful Knitter for?

Who is it for?

  • someone who is a new knitter or feels like a beginner knitter, having only basic knit stitch skills and has maybe tried purl stitch but struggles a bit to tell them apart.
  • an enthusiastic learner, you'll go through the lessons and take action when you need to, so you get exactly what you need from this course.
  • a knitter who has maybe knitted in the past, but needs reminders of all the intricate details that make returning to the hobby confusing.
  • a brand new knitter who want to learn everything, or a  veteran, who has picked up their yarn and needles consistently over the years but not learned much more than how to knit a garter stitch scarf, mug cosy and baby blanket.

Who is it not for?

  • a knitter, who already knows advanced knitting techniques. (we're not going beyond beginner knitting techniques in this course, you can purchase other courses, or join the membership to support you in that).
  • anyone who's begun knitting and doesn't feel the desire to knit regularly. If you want to learn more about knitting you need to find a passion for learning and practicing what you learn. 
  • someone who would prefer one-to-one support. This is a self-guided course, you'll learn a lot if you go through all the lessons, but you might prefer a yarn-store workshop, or to join the Knit With Hannah membership alongside while going through the lessons
  • anyone who struggles with technology and will never use the videos as it means logging into a website.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Where are the courses... is it live?

What happens next?

How much will I have to spend on materials?

How long do I have access to the videos?

How can I get a refund?

Why should I join this course instead of Craftsy or Skillshare?

Didn't find the answer you're looking for?

I'd love to see you on the inside!

 You'll find:

6 weeks of Knitting Mastery lessons
7 series of knitting tutorial classes,
Supporting downloads, printables and audios,
Patterns, multiple sizes and styles, supporting lessons and pdf guides.

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