About me

About me
As you’ve probably realised, I’m Hannah and I love knitting. I will teach you all the knowledge I’ve learned over the few decades that I’ve been knitting. You’ll discover which needles to choose, how to start finding yarn and then everything you need to know, from putting the first stitch on the needle to knitting a completed project to be proud of.

My knitting philosophy goes like this…

-I knit because I love it and knitting my way through a colourful project gives me a yummy, squishy feeling.

-I mostly knit small items because I know I’ll finish them.

-I design minimal, colourful, wearable knitwear for the 21st Century,
we’re not stuck in the 1960s and we’re not knitting itchy, fluffy jumpers with embroidered reindeer…I promise.

-Making mistakes is not a problem, we can fix them- and I’ll show you how- if I’m too far into a project I will say “mistakes make it unique,” or “I’ll frog it and start again”- that’s easy with small projects.

-And most importantly I buy knitwear!!! Yes, I do!!! I don’t knit everything myself, some things are just nicer bought in a shop and I have too often bought £100 worth of wool only to have to wait 6 months to wear the finished item or for the finished item to not suit me or fit me once it’s finished…. I can try on knitwear in a shop, but I can’t try on a pattern with a bag full of wool- I know I’ll like a finished cardigan if I can try it on first!

Don’t panic!
I’m here to teach you to knit all those accessories and gifts you end up buying every year for Christmas, the scarf you want to knit for yourself as nothing in the shop is ever just right. Think of all the money you could save by knitting it yourself! And you’ll have something to do while yet another repeat of The Big Bang Theory drowns out the house after dinner (OK so you find it funny too, but don’t tell the kids!).

So let’s get this party started, you’ll be knitting and dancing around your living room with yarn mysteriously trailing behind you before you know it!
Sign up here for regular updates, I’ll send you emails with introductions to different parts of the website, to help you feel at home. We can chat in the comments sections of all the posts, or send me an email here… knitwithhannah@mail.com .
I’m excited to have you join me and hope you’ll love being part of the Knit With Hannah tribe!

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