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Intuitive Knitting is a  brand new members-only knitting course.
You'll be the first in to see the new modules as they're released over the next couple of months.
Intuitive Knitting has 5 modules,
already open and waiting for you:
Yarn Substitution(released Jan 18th 2019)
Plan Your Knits. (released Feb 1st 2019)
Reading Patterns. (release date Feb 18th 2019)
coming soon:
- Finishing Your Knits 
- Sustainable Knitting.

Monthly Challenge

Everyone needs some inspiration when knitting and the monthly challenge, where we'll all be exploring the same topics and ideas will bring us together in the Facebook Group.
February's Challenge is ready and waiting for you!
(we're chatting about planning our knitting, so there's fewer WIPs!)

Live Knit And Natter

Every month, we'll have a live video knit and natter...  We have great fun knitting and nattering and you can ask me as many questions as you like.
We'll figure out how you're stuck, or we'll discuss knit-worthy topics that have come up in the Facebook Group.
First knit and natter replays available.

Facebook Community

Yes, there's a BONUS private Facebook Group ready and waiting for new members.
We'll keep each other excited, motivated and enthused with our knitting.

Quarterly Knit-Along

Four times each year we'll all pick up the same pattern, and knit the same item over a few days. It'll be great to connect with other knitters, find out how different yarns and colours look when knitting the same item and learn new techniques too. (If the pattern is from a course or workshop you'll get free access to the video tutorial for the knit-along)

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As a member you'll have access to member's-only prices for all the courses and workshops available in the Knit With Hannah course collection.

If you choose to become a Plus member you'll have access to all the courses, as long as you're a Knit With Hannah Plus Knitter.

The intro prices are only for the first 20 founding members
- be sure to sign up before they increase. 
Yes, you could be paying these introduction prices for as long as you're a member.
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Knit WIth Hannah Membership



  • Intuitive Knitting Course
  • Monthly Knitting Challenge
  • Live Knit and Natter Calls 
  • Members-only prices for life-time access knitting courses and workshops
  • Exclusive Quarterly Knit-Along
  • BONUS Facebook Group

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Sarah joined the membership in January 2019, here's what she had to say about her experience so far....

" Knitting under your umbrella, as it were, has given me the confidence to branch out from the simplest patterns and try new things, which in turn has reinvigorated my love of knitting. “

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