Learn To Knit The Easy Way

I teach by video, the one way you can guarantee you’ll be looking over the shoulder of your teacher and seeing what they see.

I promise there will be nothing here like the awkward knitting workshops in a yarn shop. You know, where you go along with great expectations, spend a fortune on yarn and needles only to just about see what the teacher is demonstrating and spend the whole day trying to cast on!

You are getting a knitter’s eye view and can repeat each video again and again and again, without paying extra. And you can ask me any questions you have along the way, in the Knit With Hannah Facebook Group.

There are three ways to learn to knit on the Knit With Hannah website.

  • the blog provides weekly videos, with all sorts of knitting tips and quick tutorials.
  • the single item tutorials, available in the shop, are step-by-step guided video series, taking you through a single knit. In this example, it’s a beginner’s beret.
  • also part of my offering are longer courses:

I am currently curating the first sections of the Novice to Knitter experience. I am editing videos and preparing patterns. The whole course will be ready during Spring of 2018

The first parts of this experience are ready now.

Novice Knitter: Levels 1 and 2 are now available to view here

During this experience you will learn to knit small items, from teddy bear scarves, to your 9-year-old’s winter hat, from mug warmers, to bunting triangles. The best way to learn anything is to repeat small steps (Think of Harry Potter preparing for the first task in The Triwizard Tournament… ‘accio!’… ‘accio!’… ‘accio!’…).

By casting on (putting stitches on the needles) multiple times for multiple projects  and casting off (removing stitches) and sewing seams, you are able to automate and refine your skills for when you progress into larger projects. (They’re also easier to complete as the boredom factor doesn’t get in the way!)

Get ready to be thrilled with a series of short courses, which will be available to be purchased as one longer course too (to save you some dosh!):

Novice Knitter: Level 1

Novice Knitter: Level 2

Cable Knitting: Level 1

Lace Knitting: Level 1

Novelty Knits For Beginners

OR as the collated five courses: Novice To Knitter In 90 days

To be the first to know when these courses are ready to join, sign up to my email list. I’ll send you weekly knitting natter to inspire your knitting journey.

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