Learning To Knit If You Crochet

May has been warm so far this year… the UK broke the record of ‘May Day’ Bank Holiday temperatures yesterday. Up to 25ÂșC and sunny all weekend.

And actually, it’s this time of year I find crocheting draws me away from knitting. Maybe it’s the fact that I”m not holding onto yarn on both needles- it just feels a little more suited to warmer weather.

And this week’s blog post is all about the opposite effect…. learning to knit if you crochet.

If you’re a crocheter first, what was it that drew you to the knitting needles?
The result of knitting is a different kind of fabric to crochet and there are disadvantages to each skill.

Some things are just easier to knit, it might be that you like the crochet patterns for summer jumpers and can’t find anything similar to knit.

So what are the drawbacks? Why would it be a great idea?
Is it easy?- that’s what you’re really asking… and I’m going to tell you.

Listen well, for three ‘yays’ and three ‘nays’, and a tip at the end for which knitting style will suit you best- you might be surprised at my suggestion!

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