One-To-One Knit-Along Mentorship

Ready to take hold of your needles and up-level your knitting with individualised lessons, support, and guidance?

This is the place to be! I will help you, by guiding your every step as we knit together for the next 3 months. 

Sign up for the new Knit With Hannah 3-month mentorship, where I'll help you identify where you'd like to take your knitting next and show you how to follow that path and beyond.

Are you feeling stuck, like a k3tog going nowhere? 

Knitting can get samey, it can feel like a trudge, a wade through a custard swimming pool.

And you don't want to be there, right?

If you're a knitting newbie, you feel a need to find confidence in the simple skills so you can discover some ease and enjoy more learning. You get the knit and purl, but haven't been using them long enough to totally figure out how they differ. Let's face it, you pick up your knitting and spend ten minutes working out what you're supposed to be doing next!

If you've been basking in the world of 'easy knits' for a while, there's a whole new world of cabling and lace- but you're not quite sure which path to take first. One knitting bestie says one thing, but 'the google' says something else... and the patterns you find always look far too baffling, with all that knitting jargon confusing you into a hot flush!

And what about if colour knitting floats your boat, but everything just gets in too much of a tangle? How are you supposed to hold two colours at once, let alone three in one row? And what is all this cheat's colour work?... and helix spiral knitting?... do what????

I've trod all these paths before- and got my boots muddy, hair wind-blown, and even my waterproof coat drenched along the way with an unexpected downpour!

Yes, believe me when I say that I have had a pile of knitting sitting in my lap, drenched with my tears when the whole thing has just gone completely Fosbury flop!

But I'm not there now, I've got through that and I can help you move away from disaster when learning new techniques too. I love supporting new knitters and experienced knitters alike, find a new dream and reach for it with measured, purposeful goals along the way.

How much is included in the 3-Month Knit-Along Mentorship? 

Let me break it down for you:

6 Knit-along Coaching Calls, that's 2 calls per month, 

one of 40 mins, to pick out new projects, plan any learning and discuss yarn choices, 

one of 20 mins to pick up loose ends and motivate. 

our very first call will be a 45min deep-dive.

-During these sessions we will discuss your current knitting projects, smooth out any hiccups, find focus and motivation to continue, and plan any future learning.

-We'll choose patterns, tutorials and projects together, to support the progress in your knitting skills.

-You will leave each call feeling calm, empowered, and excited to choose yarn for new projects, pick up your needles for current projects and ready to make time in your day to embrace the fact that knitting really is your new-found best Netflix companion. (Are you a 'The Crown' addict too?!)

-Our knit-along sessions together are 100% customised, based on your current knitting skills and your visions and desires for knitting in the future.

Knit With Hannah one-to-one knitters also have access to:

ME! oh yes, did I mention? As well as the 2 calls each month you'll have:

Unlimited email access to me during our 3 months together for support and questions

I'm ready to answer questions, move you onto your next projects, guide you through fixing mistakes between our calls, or help you choose yarn (yes, the online yarn shops can make you feel so lost that it's like searching for a knitting needle in a haystack!).

I'll find previous blog-posts for you when you hit a dead end, that will clear the path for your current work in progress. 

And I'll make new videos especially for you, if you find yourself in a deep dark hole and you just can't dig yourself out!

Any Knit With Hannah Tutorials and Patterns that are suitable for your knitting over the 3-month mentorship.

You'll get lifetime access to any or all of my video courses and any new courses released during our time together, if they're suitable for your knitting. (up to value £250)

I'll gift you any tutorials and patterns at the end of our 3 month knit-along to see you steady into the next step on your knitting path.

And possibly one of the best bits, if your Facebook App is your best buddy (other than your fine collectors edition wallet of knitting needles, of course!), is that you'll have a personal invite to the private Knit-along Facebook Group, so you can interact with other Knit With Hannah students. 

And it's life-time access you'll get... for as long as you want to ask me questions you can!

Only members of the longer courses and mentorship alumni are allowed in here. Yep, it's like the Gryffindor common room in there: password required. (only we're not knitting for house elves!!!)

This is a student-led group, where you get to ask the questions. If you prefer to communicate this way, rather than by email, then utilise it to your heart's content- I'm in there every day and answer notifications quickly. 

Not forgetting.... if you need personalised videos, or want help figuring out a pattern for a baby blanket or a hat for your mum, I'll be right there by your side.

I'll pull out my needles and yarn and film any videos you need to answer questions, to demonstrate getting out of knitting knots or simply to get you moving from a to b, to c, to d... you get the idea!

I'll guide you in discerning when it's best to create your own pattern, opposed to when and how to utilise the resources you already have. You and I can spend a session altering a current pattern, or planning out your first self-made pattern and I'll teach you how to go behind the scenes and do the calculations for stitch-count, row-count and texture or colour details. 

Let me answer some FAQs for you now... 

Are you unsure of where you actually want to take your knitting? Do you take too long pondering over what you want to knit, and which skills you want to learn?

Put simply... I'll help you answer those questions yourself. 

Maybe you're really content right now with what you're knitting and want to utilise the skills you have, but struggle to find patterns or build motivation. 

I’m great at setting mini-goals to get your knitting flying! I’m also pretty near perfect, ie Hermione Granger-poly-juice-potion-perfect, at matching patterns to knitters. 

Perhaps you would prefer to hone and polish the skills you already have, for faster, neater, more focused knitting and tidier finishing skills. 

Well, no problem, we'll put our time and energies there instead. Every knit you finish this year, will look more and more like a custom-made Chanel, than a Brownies’ first attempt garter-stitch scarf.

Are you a knitter who looks at other's needles and thinks, 

'... if only I could.... but I'll never be able to knit that!'

I will break down those desires into manageable steps, so one knit at a time you'll learn the skills needed to take you there- and while we're doing that I'll help you learn to love what's on your needles, not on everyone else's

Why learn to knit with me?

Hi, I'm Hannah! 

I love knitting. I've been knitting for almost 40 years and I designed my first collection of knitted accessories in 2008. 

I have been teaching knitting in various ways for a very long time... to my friends at school, to my knitting buddies and family over the years and also to myself!  

By breaking down each part of a task I am able to teach and explain the knitting process so you will understand the simplest things which seem confusing to most knitters.

Who is invited for one-to-one knit-along mentorship? 

Any age, style and experience of knitter is invited.

You may be a brand new beginner who wants to learn the basics, 

or an experienced knitter who wants to start designing for Etsy, 

you may be a knitter in the middle who wants to learn some cabling, lace or colour techniques to add a bit more pizzaz to your knits.

I can guide you wherever you want your knitting to take you. And as my catchphrase says, 

I help you 'learn to knit the easy way'. 

That's my superpower, and I use it for good, not evil!

Who might not be suitable for knit-along mentorship? 

Three things are very important if you're signing up to join me for one-to-one sessions (I'm excited already, are you!?)

1. You need to be currently, or want to become, a motivated knitter. There's no use in signing up if we're going to meet every two weeks and you've only managed 3 rows. 

SOLUTION: Get your email inbox out and let me know you're struggling to find the desire, or better still, pull out that yarn and needles and start knitting! I'm good at inspiring motivation, and if that's what you want to focus on, we need learn no new knitting techniques as we begin the mentorship. We can only work on how to choose projects that inspire and lift your spirits every time you pick up the needles. We'll rekindle the beginner's desire to keep knitting a project, and most importantly finishing once you've started.

2. Be a 'yes', knitter rather than a 'no' knitter. I will support you in coming up with ideas for your knitting, I'll offer you everything a knitter needs in tutorials and patterns... but you need to be willing to say 'yes,' and maybe see a few mishaps along the way, if you want to move your knitting forward.

SOLUTION: Be willing to try new knitting skills and practice new and old techniques. Talk to me if you are struggling with something new, it's more likely a breakdown in the process, than a definition of your ability. That's where I can help with moving you through those bumps in the road. Think of me as the Bear Grylls of the knitting world! I have a survival kit and can find solutions to most problems. I will be there when you need a knitting-knot-get-me-out-of-here-rescue!

3. Show up to your calls, and be an active part of the mentorship. I am setting aside time and energy for your 3-month mentorship, make sure there's time in your diary for it too.

SOLUTION: Check your diary now to create knitting time and put in call times and dates, to include notifications, when we arrange them. If you're going to be away from home- no problem, this is the World Wide Web we're using, so we can catch up wherever you are. 

(I cannot hold over calls for after the three months, so if you have to miss a call, I'll only rearrange once, with prior notice, then it will be forfeited- there are other students who need my call-time too.)

3-month One-to-One Knit-Along Mentorship


6 x one-to-one calls, (1x40min, 1x20min each month) (£135 value)

(we will begin with a deep-dive 45min call, to get to know your needs as a knitter)

3-month unlimited email access to my 39-years of knitting knowledge (£150 value)

any suitable Knit With Hannah tutorials, courses and patterns, (up to £250 value)

life-time access to alumni-only facebook group, (£29/month value)

customised videos and patterns, where suitable (£150 value)

Limited knit-along places available, for £397.

Contact Hannah for more information.

(finance plan available: 3 monthly installments of £147)

Not sure about choosing the 3-month one-to-one mentorship?

I also have 2 spots available for one-session deep-dives.

1 x one-to-one call, of 45min, (£40 value)

2 weeks unlimited email access to my 39-years of knitting knowledge, (£35 value)

any suitable Knit With Hannah tutorials, courses and patterns, (up to £100 value)

access to free Knit With Hannah facebook group,

1x customised videos and 1x customised pattern, where suitable. (£50 value)

Limited deep-dive places available, for £197. 

Contact Hannah for further information.

If you have any further questions about the 3-month knit-along mentorship, please feel free to contact customer service:

3-month mentorship

6 x live calls 

3-month unlimited email access

alumni-only FB Group

tutorials, patterns & courses where suitable

(£772 value) 


approx $550 USD, $695 CAD

3-month mentorship

6 x live calls 

3-month unlimited email access

alumni-only FB Group

tutorials, patterns & courses where suitable

(£772 value) 

3x £147

approx 3x $205 USD, 3x $250 CAD

1 deep-dive mentorship

 1x deep-dive call, 45 mins 

 2-weeks unlimited email access

free FB Group

tutorials, patterns & courses where suitable

(£225 value) 


approx $250 USD, $310 CAD

14 day money-back guarantee (3-month mentorships only)

I understand that we all need to find the right chemistry with the teacher and programme. If you feel that the mentorship is not working for you, then please notify me within 14 days by email.

I will deduct £70 for each call and £35 for each week that you have received my support and refund the remaining cost of the chosen mentorship plan. 

7 day money-back guarantee (deep-dive mentorship only)

Because of the focused time and effort that goes into the shorter packages, only half the cost will be refunded, and only if the live call has not been attended and 48 hours notice has been given to cancel.