Patterns for Sale

It’s recently come to my attention that I’ve been designing knitwear for a very long time. One of the best-loved pieces to demonstrate this is my first ever knitted piece. Just as with the Beginner’s First Scarf, some stitches went on the needle and I started knitting. (Sign up to my knitting natter in the sidebar, to know the full story.)

I began designing knitwear to make money in 2008 when I wanted a floppy peaked cap, but couldn’t quite match it with a pattern- simple equation to format hey?

With a little trepidation and a lot of mathematics, stashed yarn and time I began loving this as much as knitting itself.

I have over twenty patterns on my Ravelry store.  Buying from there is easy, choose your pattern, add it to the basket and go through checkout.

Baby Beanie

Baby Beanie, in four sizes for newborn to 24 months, can be knitted plain or, as in the photo, striped.





Baby Bobble Blanket

This is a small baby blanket, ideal for newborns and for lap blankets either in a buggy or car seat. It’s been loved by quite a few babies and toddlers I know and as a quick tip, one that I knitted in cotton was loved so much I actually had to knit another to replace it!



Fairisle Beanie

These Fairisle Baby beanies are an extension of the plain beanies, with a twist. Once you’ve learned how to incorporate colour into your knitting they are an easy gift to knit in an evening.




Child’s Tassel Hat

With a long pointed top and a tassel, these are great to combat the “put on your hat it’s cold outside,” conversation when bundling them off to school in the morning. I’ve even known one child to want to wear this hat to bed!

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