Knitting For Profit: How many themes and items should be in my knitwear collection?

Knitting For Profit

Aug 18

You’re preparing to knit for profit.

Great decision!

Then you’re hit with the notion that you love knitting everything…. yes, everything.

But you don’t want your Etsy shop or crafty fair stall to look like a jumble sale. Neither do you want a line of knits so fine that your customers have to choose between two items in single colours. So, what’s the solution?

Coming up with a collection is your first step. I’ve got some tips for you today on how to do that, in answer to a viewer’s question. I bet you’ll find it helpful too.

And if you want to dive even deeper into pattern choices, collection niche and yarn selections, then the Profitable Knitting Secrets course is the one for you.

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You Can Set Out A Clear Strategy With Profitable Knitting Secrets:

  • you will learn the secrets you need to know so you can be profitable when selling your hand-made knits… even if selling to your friends and family!
  • this course will get you going with the first steps you need to take towards your larger vision… you’ll build a plan, and can start selling within a few weeks!
  • and I’ll show you that you can use your phone- not only for all your photos but for all your discussions with your customers as you’re starting out- if that’s what works for you, let’s not overcomplicate it!
  • most importantly, you will quickly discover what will work best for you, you’ll have great fun (and still love knitting while you’re doing it!), without having to rely on trial and error!

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