Knitting For Profit: Selling Your Knits If There Aren’t Craft Fairs This Year.

Knitting For Profit

Aug 11

One of the most important points in an artisan’s year is the time when craft fairs are abundant in the run-up to Christmas.

But this year we’ve a problem!

It’s very unlikely that we’ll see in-person fairs, perhaps there will be outdoor markets, but numbers will be restricted. It’s also likely that stalls will be highly sought-after. If you’ve been preparing for craft fairs for years you’ll possibly feel a bit off-kilter. I mean I bet you know your full routine step-by-step every autumn and winter!

Are you even wondering whether it’s time to pack the whole thing in a get a day job again?

You can fix this and have just as good a season as usual.
So how to sell-out? How can you have buyers queuing up excited about your finished knits? I’ve a few tips for you today.

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