Tassel Earrings anyone?

It does seem a shame to have left-over yarn sitting inside the deep, dark depths of a wooden blanket box or Hogwarts trunk- well, we have to knit hats for the House Elves, don’t we?!

Maybe in real life, it’s in the plastic storage boxes that sit hidden from the family in the secret cupboard under the stairs (Yes that’s you! I know your SECRETS!)

There’s a brilliant solution… make something small and usable with your stash, before you finally admit that you won’t be knitting the stripey Doctor Who scarf with it, and gather the children in your life around the kitchen table to join in the fun too.

There are so many things you could do with this tassel tutorial-
pendant for a necklace,
bunting for a party,
fringe for a scarf or shawl,
ends of a plaited belt,
flourish for the top of a House-Elf hat!

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