Knitting For Profit: Which Patterns Can I Knit From To Sell?

Knitting For Profit

Aug 25

Let’s get down to brass tacks… are knitting patterns copyrighted?

The letter of the law is different depending on where you live.
It’s that simple.

So we end up with a controversial topic that will rely a lot on opinion.

In my honest opinion (there I go!) your country of residence shouldn’t make one jot of difference. The world has changed a lot in the last twenty years, with the rise of hte internet and global connections. I never would have imagined that I’d have some of my best friends in life in California and Luxembourg  and that I’d be learning from teachers in Virginia, US and Australia!
And i believe that recogising that kind of connection can make a different when contemplating this topic.

Find out exactly what steps I suggest you take to help you find the best patterns for your business, in this week’s video.

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It’s easier than you think!

You really can do this. With a few precise steps and your own personal touch, you’ll be creating your own designs very soon.
As someone who’s been designing knitwear since 2008 I know it’s the best way to get the finish I want. I get to explore different knitting techniques, then come up with ways to show them off in my own unique way.
Whether you’re selling the final pieces or the patterns, knitters will flock to your store because of the way your style is shining from each stitch.

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