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Looking for some like-minded knitters to motivate and inspire you?

Knitting alone, especially if there's no-one else in the home or neighbourhood who understands the thrill of stitches and completed WIPs, can feel isolating.

Deciding to go out and find like-minded knitters is the solution, but where do you find them? There may be local yarn stores, but perhaps they're 30miles away, or 300!
And the local crafting group is all about scrapbooking and flower-arranging. While that's great fun for a light-hearted relief, no-one else knits like you do.

​​​​And you have the 9-5 grind along with the children's swimming lessons to cope with too!

Life runs away with you.... of course it does.

You only have time for Instagramming your 8-year-old wearing their swimming medal, or DM-ing your sister after dinner.

A quiet knit-along group is what you need. You knit when you can find the time and setting out to find a knit-along group as well, seems like far too much hard work. 

It feels like bliss when you have stitches on your needle and a finished knit in your mind.

But you'd like to chat about it with others who understand and who will cheer on your every row.
There must be... are there fellow-knitters out there feeling the same way?

We're here for you!

That kind of camaraderie is exactly what you'll find
 as a Knit With Hannah Patreon Knitter

Let's take a look at the details:

Monthly Challenge

Everyone needs some inspiration when knitting and the monthly challenge, where we'll all be exploring the same topics and ideas, will bring us together in the Facebook Group.

Monthly Challenge

Everyone needs some inspiration when knitting and the monthly challenge, where we'll all be exploring the same topics and ideas, will bring us together in the Facebook Group.

Live Knit And Natter

Every month, we'll have a live video knit and natter...  We have great fun knitting and nattering and you can ask me as many questions as you like.
We'll figure out how you're stuck, or we'll discuss knit-worthy topics that have come up in the Facebook Group.
First knit and natter replays available.

Intuitive Knitting

This brand new members-only knitting course gives the  information you search for and didn't even know you needed.  It's populated with all the knitting knowledge that I've accumulated over forty years of knitting. And it's all in one place.!

Intuitive Knitting has 6 modules,
let's take a closer look:

Yarn Substitution is something you need to understand as a knitter. The suggested yarn isn't always available and there are many elements that will make substitutes good, better or best.

You have a particular reason to plan or you may just feel easier knowing what will be on your needles next. Learn the benefits of planning and the best tactics to employ  when searching for new inspiration.

Many knitters give up knitting because of this very real hurdle. I'll help you read patterns easily and methodically. All the abbreviation tutorials are here too!

Are you someone who has seams not sewn, buttons not attached, collars not knitted? Let's get those fantastic knits finished and in use! You'll find lots of tutorials and tips here to make each knit fly off your needles and into the hands of the recipient.

Finished knits want to be loved and cherished for years. Caring for the fabric and making sure nothing untoward happens is our prime focus in this module.

Sustainable knitting  addresses our ability to knit for a lifetime. Taking care of our hands, wrists, minds and bodies so the next generations will learn from us and be able to knit for a lifetime too.

The membership will close on 31st May 2019, until at least September

If you want to learn some knitting skills, up your knitting game and get to know Hannah and the rest of the Plus Knitters before Autumn appears all too quickly, you need to join us now!

How about some bonus features?

Facebook Community

Yes, there's a BONUS private Facebook Group ready and waiting for new members.
We'll keep each other excited, motivated and enthused with our knitting.

Quarterly Knit-Along

Four times each year we'll all pick up the same pattern, and knit the same item over a few days. It'll be great to connect with other knitters, find out how different yarns and colours look when knitting the same item and learn new techniques too. (If the pattern is from a course or workshop you'll get free access to the video tutorial for the knit-along)

And that's not all!

As a Plus Knitter you'll have access to all the knitting skills courses, as long as you're a Knit With Hannah Plus Knitter.

The membership will close on 31st May 2019, until at least September

If you want to learn some knitting skills, up your knitting game and get to know Hannah and the rest of the membership before Autumn appears all too quickly, you need to join us now!

What knitting courses will you find inside?

The very first steps for new knitters (perfect if you're a knit-stitch knitter and want to learn some purl too!)
We'll knit a scarf, a smartphone case and a baby beanie

We'll add shaping techniques and start switching between knit and purl stitches here. While knitting four classic hats for all the family.

Beginner knitters can start to cable after a couple of months. I'll show you the first steps with a mug cosy, then we'll use cabling on purl rows with a headband/earwarmer and use cabling while shaping with a pair of fingerless mitts and a beanie. .

Knitting a Downton-Inspired shawl needs some foundations in place first.
You'll get them all here and make holes intentionally with a cowl, a pair of bookmarks and a cheat's lace scarf.

Want to sell your knits? I've got the inside story for you. With a plethora of tips to make it easy. You'll learn all about what to sell, which yarns to use, how to sort out pricing and which patterns to use.

Knitting has passed through generation for centuries. This course, new for 2019 will make it easier to teach your children to knit. Including  bonuses of french knitting, pom-pom and tassel making and weaving tutorials.

Learn a new knitting technique over a lazy weekend, while watching Netflix, sipping a latté and knowing your to-do list can wait. (cos it can!)

Weekend Workshops are short courses teaching single techniques- perfect for a Saturday afternoon when the rest of the family is occupied with homework or cutting the grass!

This course will give you a simple guide to plan everything you want to knit for Christmas. You'll find lots of tips and tricks to fit it all in, not over-promise and pick the perfect yarn for each recipient.

Sarah joined the membership in January 2019, here's what she had to say about her experience so far....

" Knitting under your umbrella, as it were, has given me the confidence to branch out from the simplest patterns and try new things, which in turn has reinvigorated my love of knitting. “

Struggling to motivate the needles?

Maybe you're really content right now with what you're knitting and want to utilise the skills you have, but struggle to find patterns or build motivation. Inside as a Plus Knitter you'll be able to access the Intuitive Knitting modules  to get your knitting flying! You'll find patterns and courses inside to inspire your next knit every time.

Don't know where to start?

Are you unsure of where you actually want to take your knitting? Do you take too long pondering over what you want to knit, and which skills you want to learn?

Put simply... I'll help you answer those questions yourself. Just ask in a live knit and Natter or post in the Facebook Group and I'll help, lickety-split!
(there's a full module on planning your knits, which will give you lots of ideas too)

Looking to polish your knitting style?

Perhaps you would prefer to hone and polish the skills you already have, for faster, neater, more focused knitting and tidier finishing skills. 

Well, no problem, you can choose to focus on the skills courses, rather that Intuitive Knitting. Every knit you finish this year, will look more and more like a custom-made Chanel, than a Brownies’ first attempt garter-stitch scarf.

Too much magazine gazing?

Are you a knitter who looks at other's needles and thinks, 

'... if only I could.... but I'll never be able to knit that!'

I will help you break down those desires into manageable steps, so one knit at a time you'll learn the skills needed to take you there - and while we're doing that I'll help you learn to love what's on your needles, not on everyone else's! 

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