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The Knit With Hannah membership is closed to knitters at the moment, join the knit with Hannah email list to find out when more knit and natters will be live.

Looking for some like-minded knitters to motivate and inspire you?

Knitting alone can feel isolating, especially if there's no-one else in the home or on your Facebook friends list who understands the thrill of stitches and completed WIPs.

Deciding to go out and find like-minded knitters is the solution, but not right now! 

And you have the work-from-home and home-schooling to cope with currently too!

Life runs away with you, even now.... of course it does.

You only have time for Instagramming your 8-year-old's amazing monster doodle, or DM-ing your sister after dinner.

A quiet knit-along group is what you need. You knit when you can find the time and anything else seems like far too much hard work. 

ou'd like to chat about how knitting supports you through your every day with others. You're looking for knitters who will cheer on your every row.
There must be... are there fellow-knitters out there feeling the same way?

Yes! We're here for you!

That kind of camaraderie is exactly what you'll find
 as a Knit With Hannah Membership Knitter

Monthly Knit and Natter

Every month, you'll be invited to join monthly live video knit and natter...  We have great fun knitting and nattering and you can ask me as many questions as you like.
We'll figure out how you're stuck, or we'll discuss knit-worthy topics that have come up in the community in the past month.

The simple action of joining a knit and natter because everyone else is can inspire a next projcect or introduce us to a yarn we're not used before. It can help us realise that the kind of knit we've created in the past was restricting our creativity.
I encourage your choices to be your own, throughout the membership. We're there to offer you inspiration and guidance so that your knitting feels easier.

You'll also feel more motivated to continue with a knit that you might otherwise have abandoned.

If you want to learn some knitting skills, up your knitting game and get to know Hannah and the rest of knitty members, you need to join us now!
2 payment options available, pay £15 quarterly or £50 annually,
whichever suits your budget.

The Knit With Hannah membership is closed to knitters at the moment, join the knit with Hannah email list to find out when more knit and natters will be live.

Quarterly £15

Annually £50

Sarah joined the membership in January 2019, here's what she has to say about her experience....

" Knitting under your umbrella, as it were, has given me the confidence to branch out from the simplest patterns and try new things, which in turn has reinvigorated my love of knitting. “

Is the membership right for you?...

Struggling to motivate the needles?

Maybe you're really content right now with what you're knitting and want to utilise the skills you have, but struggle to find patterns or build motivation. Inside the membership you'll be able to access the community of knitters ready and willing to cheer you on as you get your knitting flying! 

Don't know where to start?

Are you unsure of where you actually want to take your knitting? Do you take too long pondering over what you want to knit, and which skills you want to learn?

Put simply... I'll help you answer those questions yourself. Just ask in a live Knit and Natter and I'll help, lickety-split!

Too much magazine gazing?

Are you a knitter who looks at other's needles and thinks, 

'... if only I could.... but I'll never be able to knit that!'

With fellow knitters around you you'll find it easier to take manageable steps  towards your knitting dreams. There's no judgement here, 3 rows or 300 we'll cheer you on and keep you knitting.
One knit at a time you'll learn the skills needed to take you there - and while we're doing that I'll help you learn to love what's on your needles, not on everyone else's! 

Who is this knitting dame, anyway?

Hi, I'm Hannah!

I've been knitting since I was 4-years-old. (Almost 4 decades!) While knitting as a tween and teen I began to realise that it was up to me to empower myself in my knitting. I wanted to to be good enough to be thought of as the Miss Marple knitter of my generation!

I have loved sharing my knitting wins and mishaps with fellow knitters all my life. I set up my first knitting community with my friends in 2008, and now I'm here to support you online, through YouTube, my online video courses and here  as we knit and natter together in the membership.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Where are the videos... is it live?

How can I get a refund?

What happens next?

How long do I have access to the videos?

Didn't find the answer you're looking for?

Sharon has been a member since January 2019, and has seen a remarkable change in her knitting  in that time....

" I’m going to knit another pair of mitts but I’m using a different yarn and I’m going to make them a bit longer. Two years ago I wouldn’t have had the courage to look at them and think , oh I just need a couple of extra repeats here, but now it feels so much easier.

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