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Fingerless Mitts

Removing gloves constantly to find your keys, pay for a coffee or scroll on your iPhone means that you might be going through a couple of pairs every winter thanks to ‘odd sock syndrome’ spreading to your knits!
Fingerless mitts are the answer, make them up in multiple colours and styles to suit every outfit from September to March.

Here's just a few examples... there are many more!

Crafty Cables Fingerless Mitts (no thumb)

Diamond Fingerless Mitts

Mohair Cable Mitts

Beginner's Fingerless Mitts

Christmassy Mitts

New to the pattern store for winter 2019/2020 these mitts will turn heads! Knit them up as gifts, or as a cosy (and slightly more subtle!) alternative to the traditional Christmas Jumper.

Beginner Knits

Beginning to Knit is amazing! You’re joining centuries of tradition and learning from knitters with decades of experience. 
You need some patterns to settle you into the routine of choosing yarn, finding needles and following instructions… that’s exactly what you’l find here. There’s a feast of easy knits in this bundle, so take your pick and start those needles flying. (hold on tight!)

Here's just a few examples... there are many more!

Two-Tone Beanie

Mini Tassel Scarf

Child's Tassel Hat

Square Button Hat

Beginner Cables

Cabling needn’t be difficult, in fact it’s a technique that once learned is easy to replicate and enjoy while watching your favourite show on Netflix! (TV knitting is always a bonus!)

While there are many ways you can go once you've mastered knit and purl stitches, cabling is a perfect next step.
It’s letting you practice more about switching between knit and purl along the same row- you also will begin to automatically recognise which comes next and not have to rip back so much!

Here's just a few examples... there are many more!

Cable Hat and Mitts

Cable Plait Cloche

Cable Cowl

Cable Scarf

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When all you're after is a bag of knitting ready to accompany your favourite soap, your Netflix binge or your daily commute, easy access to a range of downloadable patterns all is all you need.

Here's just a few examples... there are many more!

Bamboo Dishcloths

Wintery Pom-Pom Hat

Baby Bobble Blanket

Lace Bookmarks

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