Weekend Workshops

Learn a new technique over a lazy weekend, while watching Netflix, sipping a latté and knowing your to-do list can wait. (cos it can!) 

Stripes Collection

Circle Skills

Christmas Knitting

Classic Stitch Bookmarks

Pixie Tassel Hat

Want to try a new knitting technique?

  • Doesn't it take an age to get it wrong, rip it out, get it wrong, rip it out, and only after two less-than-perfect attempts, do you finally feel you've accomplished something?

  • And which technique to try? There are so many options, from stitch patterns to colour work, to fancy slip-stitch textures. Isn't it just easier to find a tried and trusted pattern, pull out some yarn from your stash and get knitty?

  • The tried and trusted can get boring. You're an intelligent human, you like to be challenged occasionally- but with 3 kids, (make that 4 with hubby!) a jack russell, and not even enough time to watch Strictly anymore, can your weekend actually find an hour for more knitting?

Bite-sized learning is a breeze!

  • With a set of step-by-step videos you're able to fit a new technique in your knitter's toolbox easily and quickly. That old standby, of Googling jargon and not knowing which video actually gets it right, can be left behind!

  • You can repeat the pattern, to practice the new style a few times in a weekend, and have Christmas gifts lined up you'll be proud to present (Yeah- you'll look oh, so, smug when they say 'did you knit this yourself?').

  • Why is it the rest of the family has treats and weekend highs? Okay you don't play football, or take swimming certificates anymore, but you deserve some stimulation other than sorting the laundry into different colours on a Saturday morning!

  • Have you been knitting your way through a long, long, long, loooong project and feel if you're not careful it could end up being another WIP that sits in the spare room and gloats every time you walk past to check the thermostat on the radiator?  Just a quick break, a weekend off from the top-down jumper or the pile of squares for your giant afghan throw, will boost your motivation and be a welcome reminder that you can finish projects- really, you can!

Weekend Workshops are the answer!

pick up a new knitting style, with an achievable goal,

 and put some pizzazz back into your knits!

Stripes Collection

- set of four patterns, with a common theme, 

- knit up a beanie, beret, cowl and scarf to match

- full step-by-step videos to knit the beret

Over a series of videos we'll knit the ladies chunky beret together. While learning the stitch technique and discovering my tips and tricks for other parts of the knit, you'll pick up all you need to go ahead and knit through the remaining three patterns.
Mix and match with different yarns for a full winter's wardrobe of cosy accessories

Stripes Collection Beanie and Scarf

Stripes Collection Beret

Stripes Collection Beret and Cowl

Classic Stitch Bookmarks

- set of six patterns, covering six classic stitch patterns, 

- perfect for learning about moving between knit and purl stitches,

- full step-by-step videos for all the patterns,

- great for adding a personalised touch when giving a book as a gift.

These are perfect easy knits for experienced knitters or as next-steps knits for beginners.
Switching between knit and purl stitches in different ways gives impressive and stylish results.
As you read you'll have a reminder of your knitting prowess every time you pick up your latest read!

Circle Skills

- learn all about circular knitting on circular needles

- discover the only two cast-on methods you'll need for circular knitting

- how to knit 'jog-less' stripes

- convert patterns from flat knitting to circular knitting, lickety-split!

- AND full-step-by-step tutorials to knit flat circles on circular needles, with two different methods.

Through this video course you'll learn the fundamentals of circular knitting. And will feel ready to go it alone. You'll be  converting flat patterns, creating your own, knitting up patterns written by others and astonishing yourself with all you achieve after these.
I even share my favourite books on circular knitting, so once you've followed along with the video tutorials you'll feel more able to go it alone and start book-learning too.

Pixie Tassel Hat

- 4 sizes of pattern, from 3 months to 6 years 

- learn to shape a classic pixie hat. 

- tassel tutorial included

- BONUS guide to help choose colour duets.

Find a lovely worsted merino yarn and any baby or child up to 6yrs will love this. Boys and girls alike fall for the bright contrasts and individual shape. (If you want to go the extra mile choose their favourite colours!)

Pixie Tassel Hat, 3 of 4 sizes

Pixie Tassel Hat, 3 of 4 sizes

Pixie Tassel Hat, (knitted in Sublime merino worsted)

Christmas Knitting

- 4 videos helping your plan your knits, so they're loved and worn for    years to come.

- discover how the colours you choose will make a big difference.

- learn some sizing tricks, so anything you knit will fit like a glove!

- become a detective about which knits to choose for which recipient.

- BONUS video and cheatsheet guide to help choose colours in pairs.

- BONUS 5-task planning workshop to decide who you're knitting for.

Spend 35mins watching the videos, while you're waiting for your party dress to be delivered post-haste by FedEx, and then an afternoon in a coffee shop (or the café in your local yarn store!) planning the yarns and patterns you'll use as you knit for family in the run-up for Christmas.

When you buy any Weekend Workshop...
you'll also get these bonuses:

pdf Pattern Guides

Once you start knitting through a pattern it can be easy to get lost and wonder where you are next time you pick up the knitting. This is why I've created exclusive pattern guides for each and every workshop pattern.
If you're a fan of planners, habit trackers and bullet journals you'll love these.


Patterns for all the family

You may feel like knitting all the patterns for yourself, but what if you fancy knitting up Christmas presents or your daughter needs a pixie hat for the school play? Well you can do that too- you'll find patterns for all the family here, and many of them have multiple sizes. You can knit through the items many times- and never get the same result twice!

Are the Weekend Workshops Right For You?

Who are They for?

  • someone who already knits and wants a new challenge, but not a step too far and confusing.
  • those among us who love finding new ideas for using up the yarn stash- a quick knit in a weekend does the job nicely!
  • a knitter who loves learning and wants some new inspiration for their needles. (if you're knitting your way through a big project a weekend workshop is perfect for boosting your motivation)
  • a YouTube or Wiki-How veteran, who doesn't want to search for every new abbreviation, just wants the pattern and tutorial it all in one place.

Who are they not for?

  • a knitter, who wants to learn every twist and turn of new techniques over multiple patterns (hint- take a look at my full courses for this type of teaching).
  • anyone who's begun knitting in continental style and doesn't want to watch videos with my English traditional knitting.
  • someone who hasn't knitted before- while I teach every nuance of every pattern, I don't go deep into beginner teachings in these workshops.
  • anyone who struggles with technology and will never use the videos as it means logging into a website.

Why learn to knit with Hannah?

Hi, I'm Hannah!
I've been knitting since I was yay high, (you know, the height of a four-year-old!) which is almost 4 decades. I've knitted countless items, tried and conquered so many techniques and styles of knitting, and learned a lot of what not to do too! Let's face it, I just love it.

My teaching experience comes not just from teaching my friends and family to knit ( I was helping my friends at school!) but also from teaching the piano in my 20s and from having a Mum who was a teacher- her style and experience rubbed off on me, so I know how to break down tasks and deliver it so you can understand more fully and easily what you're 

These Weekend Workshops are some of my favourite creations- I love teaching and learning in bite-sized chunks- I hope you'll love them too!


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