The foundations will always be important in my book and the very first stitch you make as you cast on is no exception. This method of creating a slipknot is secure and adjustable. Once placed on your needle this way you can tighten or loosenContinue Reading
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Let’s have a knit-along party today, a bit of a shake out after our knitting fever as we knitted baby beanies all weekend. We had a great time, and plan to do more knit-alongs. Sign up here for a free pattern and links to theContinue Reading
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*Knit-along was very successful, free pattern is still available if you sign up below* Please join us for the baby beanie knit-along this weekend. The more the merrier, as they say! I’ll explain everything you need to know to get started in this video andContinue Reading
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Once you’ve mastered the k2tog and p2tog you’re ready to fly with decreasing stitches. You can make the one item all knitters have to make at some point- the beanie. It’s a simple equation: cast on + knit/purl + decreasing = beanie See how easyContinue Reading
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More knitting jargon this week, with p2tog, or purl two together. Just as last week, it’s a need to know skill and is one of the first shaping skills you’ll find in easy to knit patterns. To learn more about Knit With Hannah every weekContinue Reading
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The title says it all! Knitting can be practiced for years and years without shaping anything. There can be project after project producing fabulous fabric which runs straight and true, sides parallel, hems neat, cast-offs tidy. But what happens if someone says,”Knit me a hatContinue Reading
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I’m sure you all had an inkling that after the knit stitch I would give you the biz of purl. Here it is! I found purl a completely baffling part of knitting when my Mum tried to teach me. I didn’t get it. I just didn’tContinue Reading
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To ‘cast on’ is to begin knitting. The only other option is to crochet a chain from your yarn and knit into those stitches- but that is still a foundation row and would be called a ‘cast on’. The word ‘cast’ has various meanings, fromContinue Reading

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