Hi! I'm Hannah, established knitting tutor for new and experienced knitters alike. 

I'll support your challenges and ambitions in the yarn-based world and guide you with the perspective of a 40yrs knitter and the calmness of a yogi sitting on a mountainside. 

When you started knitting...

You pottered around the local yarn store and as if in a dream found some gorgeously radiant yarn, with fibres that mingled and flowed with Autumnal colour and delicious tweedy bobbles, that just oozed Outlander sophistication. Then a pair of needles- that looked just like the ones your Gran used to knit with- shone from afar and almost leapt into your arms.

This was going to be an absolute Hermione Granger elf-hat experience. The fabric will fly off your needles as if by magic. The scarf you envision wrapping around your shoulders will be keeping you warm in just two week's time and you'll be the star of the water cooler before you know it!

So what happened?

Did you discover that you didn't actually know how to put stitches on the needle to start knitting and that the leaflet you were given at the yarn store confused you so much that YouTube was your only chance?...

...which then gave you so many options that your mind was in such a spin you spent 3 hours watching a live-streamed Tony Robbins conference instead? 

(you might be just about ready to chop a brick in half with your bare hands, but knit a Outlander-inspired scarf with bobbly-tweedy yarn... never in a million years!)

Follow your knitting dreams with me...

With almost 40 years of knitting experience, I've seen a few things in the world of yarn.
I've made mistakes,  climbed metaphorical mountains and learned techniques by teaching myself and being guided by others.

My approach to teaching knitting and tutoring within the Knit With Hannah community comes from other experiences in my life, including most prominently the chronic ill health I was first diagnosed with at the age of 12. The steps I've taken to make those disabilities literal inspirations, to make what seems complicated and out of reach completely realistic and achievable, is what you'll notice as you join us.

I've needed to take the larger perspective into account always, as one day at a time improvements or mishaps can give clues to how my weeks, months and years might change. I'm also a details kid as the smallest thing can make a difference when dealing with neurological and immune-system illnesses.

When I look at knitting I see the small steps- the tiny stitches, the few rows- blossoming into finished pieces to be marvelled and treasured. 

I see what appears like a marathon ahead with a blanket pattern in front of me, to be nothing more than a delicious recipe of small ingredients, a meal of multiple courses to be relished one mouthful at a time.

And that's how I guide you. You'll see how much you can achieve, whether that's learning new techniques, decluttering your yarn, planning your knits for Christmas or simply picking a pattern and seeing it through to conclusion (you'll see very few UFOs, UnFinished Objects, around here!!!).

"Knitting under your umbrella as it were has given me the confidence to branch out from the simplest patterns and try new things which in turn has reinvigorated my love of knitting"

Sarah, member in 2019

How am I different to other knitting teachers?

Very obviously no knitter is the same as any other. All knitters are you-nique!

But as I said above, I have things in my life that guide and inspire the way I teach.

And if these things inspire you too, we're a perfect match! Like Ron and Hermione, or eggs and bacon!

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Will you join the crowd and knit with Hannah?

Since beginning Knit With Hannah in March 2017 I've created an array of ways I can support you in your knitting endeavours, these are just a few...

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My weekly blog and Youtube channel give you free videos to inspire and challenge your knitting experience.

Profitable Knitter

Join the world of knitting for profit with this new course, giving you the inside secrets to selling your handmade knits.

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