Feb 18

Finger Knitting: Stopping Half-Way

Finger Knitting

It’s very useful to have a contingency plan when finger knitting. Simply because your fingers are acting as needles. You don’t have the choice of putting your fingers down, like you would with knitting on needles, Let’s make it easier for you to answer the phone, or check Instagram to see how many likes your […]

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Jan 28

What is Aran Yarn?

Knitting Yarn 101

Last week we took a look at worsted yarn and found out exactly why it’s called worsted and what worsted means. We’re going to go through the intricacies of aran yarn today. And recognise that ‘aran knitting’ is also a widely used term as well as ‘aran yarn’. To subscribe to the Knit With Hannah […]

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Jan 21

What is Worsted Yarn?

Knitting Yarn 101

There are lots of terms in knitting that we recognise in every day life. Then there are those that confuse us as we’ve never heard them before! Worsted is one of them. The word ‘worsted’ derives from a small village in Norfolk, England which has a strong history connected to wool, sheep, weaving and industry. […]

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Dec 24

Top 5 Knit With Hannah Videos of 2019

Odds and Ends

Which of the Knit With Hannah videos have been most watched by you in 2019? I’m going to reveal all today, so stick around and see which ones were most popular. There’s a real mixture of videos this year, from knitting jargon to beginner knitting and more. Apologies for the blurriness over the video, I’m […]

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