Apr 16

Yarn Swatches – Calculating stitch counts

Yarn Swatches

When it comes to testing out yarns, gauge swatches are perfect. Maybe you’re just sorting through some yarn in the yarn declutter and want to see how it knits up in particular stitch patterns, or you’re in full ‘yarn substitution’ mode and want to get it right first time. This is where gauge swatches are […]

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Apr 06

How To DePill Knitwear

Knitting Tools , Yarn Storage

Those pesky bobbles! I’m not sure if non-knitters have any idea how much they annoy us. It can almost feel like the whole process of knitting was then ruined by the yarn not holding out long enough to make the effort worthwhile! But is it a universal problem? Well, when it comes to pilling and […]

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Mar 30

What To Knit In Spring

Planning Your Knitting

As winter says goodbye there’s a contemplation that knitters go through…. Will I keep knitting, or shall I put the needles and yarn away for a few months? I say ‘keep going!’. Those needles can click throughout the spring and summer months, with some fabulous results, not to mention the unseen benefits that all knitters […]

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Feb 16

Baby Blanket Knitting Kits Reveal

Baby Knitting

I bet you love a good unboxing! We’re not unboxing this week – it’s more of a boxing! I’m going to reveal what’s inside the new knitting kits, from the finer details of the different yarns you’ll find to choose from, to the  Knit Pro needles available in single-pointed or circular, to the patterns and […]

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Feb 09

7 Tips: Knitting For Baby

Baby Knitting

Baby knitting is universal and ever-lasting It’s true, we knit the same patterns year after year, decade after decade, and it’s something we likely do every year of our knitting life. Babies just keep coming! When you’re knitting for baby you want everything to be perfect – so I have lots of tips that I’ve […]

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