May 14

How To Knit i-Cord

Knitting Jargon Tutorials , Odds and Ends

If you don’t have a French Knitting doll, but you’d like to create a similar tube of knitted fabric, then this is the class for you! Your pattern may say ‘knit i-cord with 4 stitches for 50cm’ and you’re completely baffled. Don’t panic. This is the hitch-hikers guide to i-cord knitting, just make are you’ve […]

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Apr 02

How To Choose Yarn for Two Colour Knitting

Knitting Yarn 101

  Two colour knitting doesn’t have to be difficult. You may immediately think of fancy fair isle cardigans that you only aspire to possibly knitting one day. Perhaps you’re thinking of how your Gran used to knit snowflakes on the front of warm jumpers for the whole family at Christmas. (and that’s complicated knitting, right!?) […]

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