Are You A Witty Knitter?

I love remembering the days when I would gather with my friends and chit-chat about knitting, all of us sharing the space to discuss our latest projects and read our knitting magazines.

Those days aren’t that far behind me, but it’s a different world. For me it’s different because I realised that my health wouldn’t let me stay up until the wee-small-hours and natter. I have two chronic illnesses- Epilepsy and ME/CFS, which both require a certain amount of courage when it comes to saying ‘no’!

I may feel and look perfectly healthy, but inside there’s a gremlin just waiting to burst out and ruin that persona! No more knitting natter beyond tea time for you, darling. And as very few of my friends could make any time other than the evening for a get-together, our little group of merry knitters – for that is what I called us, the Witty Knitters- meet no more.

How have a filled that void then? Well, I began posting a little online about my progress through projects, I explored my other passions in-between knitting projects and found joy in them too… but now I can wait no more. Yes I have resurrected a knit and natter schedule and I want to invite you to join me!

Facebook has come to my rescue- no fancy webinar or meeting software- just plain old Facebook Live has let me gather my knitting genes and begin to bring us yarn addicts together again. I’ve decided that every other Tuesday will become Tea-time Tuesday. I’ll come prepared with a live demo every other week and answer questions, if you have any.

Oh, and I will definitely appear with my favourite tea too. Which is usually Rooibos, sometimes I spend three weeks drinking nothing but peppermint, I love a lemon and ginger in the middle of winter and can’t go wrong with a sugar-free hot milk and cocao powder in the evening too!

Here’s my first Tea-time Tuesday… I’m talking about choosing yarn colours in pairs. Come on over to the Knit With Hannah Facebook Group to find more of these videos.

If you’d like a pdf printable to take with you to the yarn shop and use when hunting for yarn on line, I’ll be sending one out in the weekly email this week: sign up for our weekly knitting natter in the side bar!
EDIT here’s the pdf for free…Knit WIth Hannah 4 quick colour tips

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