The Confident Knitter

30 days to Calm and Collected Creativity

Find the confidence you didn't know you had in this 30-day course, designed to help you ditch everyone else's way of doing things and feel at ease with your needles, your yarn and your finished knits.

Beginner's First Knits

The perfect introduction to brand new knitters, so you can learn foundation skills, even if you've never tried knitting in your life before.

With three series of step-by-step video tutorials you'll knit up a scarf, a smartphone case and a baby beanie with just two balls of yarn and one pair of needles.

Hat Knitting Bootcamp

You've knitted enough plain scarves, dish cloths and mug cosies to last a lifetime and you know it's time to add a bit more pizzaz to your knitting. But where to start?
Hat knitting is the ideal next step

Knit up four classic hats with Hannah, from the comfort of your own home. Ideal for beginners ready to add some next-step skills to their knitting portfolio.
(knitting extras for ho
use elves is optional!)

Knitting Mastery For Beginners

6 weeks of Knitting Mastery classes
Discover all the hidden secrets that knitting has, which will help you progress much faster in the craft than you might otherwise.

  • Find the hidden mysteries of yarn fibres, thicknesses and plies (what?).
  • Uncover the knitting language so you can knit patterns with fewer mistakes.
  • And when you do mess it up you'll embody the knitting doctor with tools and tricks to fix those mishaps yourself!

    (Your knitting dreams are right on you doorstep!)

Crafty Cables

You can quickly advance to add more pizzazz to your knits, once you've mastered the basics with Beginners First Knits and Hat Knitting Bootcamp.
Crafty Cables is the perfect next step! You'll knit four items and can knit them on repeat for all your friends and family with multiple size options for the patterns included.

Lace Wizardry

Every knitter has an inbuilt desire to recreate a shawl from Downton Abbey, or a long lacey infinity cowl. 

With the skills you'll learn in this course the lace wizard inside you will be unleashed! Learn about intentional holes, lace charts and lacey jargon, not forgetting the much talked about, but shrouded in mystery, blocking techniques.

Watch out!...Maggie Smith will be knocking at your door, to borrow your creations for a DA reunion! 

Winter Knitting Retreat

21 Days of embracing cosy, nourishing and warm knitting for the winter season.

Leave the 'rules' of knitting behind and enjoy an indulgent retreat to discover your knitting as you listen to nature's slowing down in Winter.

Gift Knitting Reboot

Whether you're a proud long-time gift knitter, or only just venturing into the world of knitting gifts, this will be your best friend for years!
It's going to set you up so it's a smoother process to choose the perfect pattern and knit the ideal gift every time.
Those hugs you'll be getting, when the wrapping is ripped off, will be legendary!

Curious for more and can't wait?

There's even more goodness over in the Knit With Hannah Academy, take a look and find a new knitting adventure

Not sure which course to choose?

I've got you covered! I can guide you towards your dream knits and help you move on with the right selection of patterns and tutorials. 

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