How To Add Tassels To A Scarf

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Nov 30

I love showing off yarn to its full potential. The best thing about this yarn is the stripes, I decided to create a pattern to display each colour one by one.

And what better way to do that than with a scarf?
Of course the final flourish is achieved with the tassels. See this video to find out how to make the tassels then watch this video to find out how to sew them onto the finished scarf.

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For a full range of scarf patterns, including the Mini Tassel Scarf shown in today’s video, see the scarf pattern bundle in my pattern shop here.

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Phil C

Well, that is a way to add tassles which I didn’t expect / know about. Cheers.
However, (maybe it just a reflection of my age), whilst suitable for a scarf to be worn by a girl or lady, oit id s bit too ‘fsncyp’ if the scarf is to be worn by a boy pr gentlemen

I have completed a scarf for my nephew and want to finish it by adding a basic, (single) line of tassels at each end,

Can you advise me on a method (which I assume,involves adding (and secuuring), each pair of tassles in turn)? Ifnot,can you direct me to a good ‘online’ tutorial (prefersably from a UK knitter) please.

Thank you,

    Phil C

    Please ignore my previous message (or delete it) as I have just found and watched your tutorial on ‘How to add a fringe’.


    Hannah Gilly

    Hi, yes the video all about adding fringe too, as an alternative to tassels is what you need: https://knitwithhannah.co.uk/adding-fringe-to-a-scarf Happy knitting!

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