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May 05

This decreasing jargon appears once you begin to decrease more often in patterns.

k2tog, knit two together, is a very common decreasing tool, and beginner knitters will likely see this as a first look at abbreviations when knitting up patterns.
The next steps will be varied and many.

It will entirely depend on the designer’s experience and the shaping needs in the pattern. You’ll also see more complicated decreasing techniques in patterns when the decreasing will be seen. We do want our finished fabric to be aesthetically pleasing, and that’s why more and more abbreviations appear as you knit more and more.

Today’s k2tog tbl, knit two together through back loop, is a handy tool to learn. You’ll see it infrequently, but it’s a great help when it’s part of a pattern.

You might find this is a slightly tighter decrease, so if you find it too difficult to achieve then the SSK decrease video is a great alternative, giving a very similar result:


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For a sample swatch to practice all the abbreviations from February and March 2019, download the mentioned pdf with swatch pattern and demo links here or click the image below:

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