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May 19

Increasing can be done in so many ways when you’re knitting.

This is yet another… and it’s actually two methods that I’m sharing with you today!

Each technique gives different effects, this one being useful for mirroring your increases with what is known as a bar increase.

Today I’m sharing with you the conventional method that most knitters use, and one that I have used for a long time, but didn’t realise it was different!

They both give a bar increase, but I rather like the effect from the one I’ve used most of my knitting life as it makes the increase a little more obvious and sometimes that’s actually useful.
If you look at some knitwear that’s bought in a shop you’ll see the stitches up the neckline and over the armhole, this is the kind of result you’ll have with my increase.


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Here’s a link to the jargon demos pdf, that I mentioned in the video, so you’ll have all the jargon videos right at your fingertips and never be confused by knitting jargon again. :0)

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