How To Knit i-Cord (with hack for using single pointed needles)

French Knitting

Dec 17

If you’ve ever knitted with a French knitting doll, you may wonder why this is necessary. Well, the knitting doll will only accommodate thin yarn, so we need a way to create small tubes of knitting with thicker yarn.

It’s also a lot easier to use this method if you only need a short piece knitted up, for a buttonhole or a snowman’s hat for a tiny decoration!

Do I need double-pointed needles?

Simple answer is no! Watch this video and I’ll show you that you can knit i-cord with single pointed needles. It’s simple hack and can be a very fast way of knitting up i-cord too. 
We don’t all have every size of needle in single-pointed , double-pointed and circular options, so this will help when you don’t want to buy another set of needles for a very small part of your pattern.

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