Knitting through the jargon….

If you’d like to join me next week for a Knit With Hannah jargon busting ride, we’ll do some jargon busting- you know, figuring out all that secret knitting code.

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Here’s what you need to prepare yourself to join me in busting that jargon.

To allow yourself to see what you’re doing clearly and have a comfortable hold, I suggest you use a medium weight yarn, with medium thickness needles:

Left-over Aran/Worsted yarn… 20-25g, or new ball 50g

5mm needles

With this video cast on 29 stitches:

Now alternate between Knit and Purl rows to create stocking stitch.

Begin with a knit row:

Then do a purl row:

repeat these last two rows twice again, you will have ‘knitted’ 6 rows altogether… alternating between knit and purl rows.

Join me next week, for our jargon busting knit-along. 🙂

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