Mulder and Scully will be there to rescue you!

Beginner Knitters 101

May 30

It’s quite simple really, isn’t it?

Imagine sitting in your armchair, fire lit in the stove, a cup of cocoa just within reach on your IKEA coffee table. You have a vintage episode of The X-Files humming in the background and the knitting in your lap seems to be taking an age.

Every stitch is a marathon. In your mind, you dream of the finished item, that shawl-necked jumper you promised your Dad for Christmas three years ago- but you feel like your soul is being dragged into the sofa and you’ll need Mulder and Scully to rescue you every time you pick it up and contemplate another row. Fear Not!

The knit stitch need not be that difficult. Watch this video and understand the make-up of the stitch, start to understand how and why it is made. Hold the yarn with confidence so you’re giving it enough tension, and be ready to go with one stitch after the other. As the rhythm starts to flow you’ll be across the row in no time.

Recurrence of the stitch on every row is known as garter stitch. A great example of this, and indeed if you feel you need more practice jump on board and make one for yourself, is the Beginner’s First Scarf The series of video lessons will guide you through all aspects of knitting with knit stitch all the way through a simple item and you’ll be ready for larger items after more practice.

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