Knitting For Profit: The Creative Genius Of Niching

Knitting For Profit

Jun 22

Zones of genius 

We come across genius zones in many parts of life.

Do you drive long distances, but your partner always prefers short journeys?

Are you someone who loves running, but just can’t get into  yoga?

Do you always cook lasagne when you have friends over for dinner, maybe your cooking genius is a fried chicken, or vegetable curry?
By picking something that’s easy, you don’t have to worry about following recipes and making sure everything is ready at the same exact time. Simply because you’ve cooked the same things so often, it feels relaxed and effortless.

It’s still as impressive, because your other guests will have other genius recipes and go-to dinner party meals, so they’ll be impressed by yours.

In knitting it’s very easy to be swallowed by the need to pick up every new pattern in the magazine. (as you’ve paid out for the magazine in the first place!) These patterns are like recipes, you’ll see some of them can fly off your needles in an evening so it’s all finished and ready when expected.

Before you know it you’re picking up the crochet hook too to make a coaster for your desk, you’re maybe trying to make an i-cord broomstick for a Hermione Granger doll, or a complicated six-pointed snowflake for a Christmas decoration.

So what about niching? 

When you decide to pick a zone, you’ll then probably niche into that more aswell.

If you’re a runner you’ll maybe niche into road or fell running.

If you’re a yoga enthusiast you might realise you’re niching towards Hatha or Yin yoga.

You might recognise amongst your friends that your cooking niches become very handy for pot-luck dinners. I’m a chocolate muffin niche-er, so they’re great for dessert part of the meal, and when asked I’ll also niche with soda bread rolls occasionally. (they’re so easy to make I hardly have to think about it any more!)

Picking your zone of knitting genius can be an amazing help when you want to sell what you knit. Believe me when I say, you’ll feel like a permission slip has been handed to you.

You don’t have to try #allthethings to be a great knitter, or even a great seller of your knits. You have to be great at your knitting zone of genius, that’s what you’ll discover today.

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Would you like eight weeks of support to get you ready, set and started for selling your knits for profit this autumn and winter?

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We’ll work through the three steps of creating a foundation for your business over eight weeks together:
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Then we’ll look at pricing. A major stumbling block for making profits- you can’t make a profit if you’re not charging enough for each item!
A whole week will be devoted to this, along with an extra V.I.P. workshop ‘Eliminate Pricing Worries’.

The last step is about find your people. With sales platform decisions, customer service lessons and choosing how you will communicate with your customers as you move into the selling season.

All this comes with 6 weekly Q&As with me, extra workshops, and a Facebook Group, so you can fast-track your knitting business to success.

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