The Easiest Way To Start Shaping Your Knitting

The title says it all!

Knitting can be practiced for years and years without shaping anything. There can be project after project producing fabulous fabric which runs straight and true, sides parallel, hems neat, cast-offs tidy. But what happens if someone says,”Knit me a hat will you? My ears are always getting cold when it’s snowing,”….any ideas?

Quite simply there are a few options, you will find patterns which make hats without decreasing stitches, but let’s be honest you can’t go wrong with a nice snug over-sized beanie!

And all you need for that is a knit 2 together, or k2tog as the knitting jargon will have you reading:

Here’s a great way to start you off with shaping, the men’s stripe beanie is a simple pattern, with colour changes to keep you interested as you knit and also to entice the wearer too.

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