===  learn to knit the easy way  ===

ever find your knitting in a knot? 

your jargon know-how falling short?

or your elf hats running out fast?

You're in the right place!

We'll untangle, decipher and finish knits fast, together!

Hi, I'm Hannah!

I'm your teacher, your guide, the designer of patterns and a knitter with 40yrs experience (I know, you wouldn't think to look at me, right?!)

Learn more about me, my inspirations, my favourite knits from over the years, and what it is that fuels my approach to teaching and designing.

Profitable Knitting Secrets

Ever wanted to sell what you knit?
Maybe you've tried and the sales just don't come in?

With lessons covering which product you'll sell,
the prices you need to ask (and how!),
and where exactly you'll decide to set up your marketplace - online or off,  
you'll be set to go and will be declared as the one to watch at your local fairs and on Etsy.

Learn To Knit The Easy Way With Online Courses

Step-by-Step Video Courses

Learning to knit with online courses means you can knit when it suits you. You can knit through your lessons on Saturday mornings, Wednesday evenings or every day on your commute to work.
Join the Novice Knitter courses, learn some Crafty Cabling and Lace Wizardry.

Or start to sell your finished knits with Profitable Knitting Secrets and teach your child to knit with When Can I Knit Too Mummy?

When Can I Knit Too, Mummy?

Ever had that question ringing in your ears?
I'll answer all the questions, such as

'when do I start the yarn lovin'?',

'what shall we knit first?',

'how do I keep them inspired?'

and lots more!

I'll help you teach your children to knit, rather than relying on videos, workshops after school, or your neighbours.

Discover A New Knitting Technique in 48 hours!

Learn a new knitting technique over a lazy weekend, while watching Netflix, sipping a latté and knowing your to-do list can wait. (cos it can!)

Weekend Workshops

The rest of the family might be playing football, doing homework, cutting the grass or waxing the car, so you need a bit of distraction too. (rather than sorting the laundry!)

With a set of step-by-step videos you're able to fit a new technique in your knitter's toolbox easily and quickly, make a dent in your yarn stash and set up your gift list for Christmas.

"I learned some basic stitches on youtube but I really feel empowered as I start through the video lessons! 
I love that you share the little tips on what you do personally so that I can try that too and so far it is going much better!" Karen, (Alberta, Canada)

Weekly Video Knitting Blog

For beginners and experienced, alike!

You'll find demos and suggestions, along with yarn reviews, knitting jargon explanations and even yoga for knitters!

Join me for weekly knitting natter. :D

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