Let's start the Autumn knitting together!

Autumn Knit-Along begins in October

We're knitting a blanket together over 3 months in this Autumn's knit-along.

Beginning in October and knitting a blanket made of squares - the Mix-It-Up Blanket. You'll love the look of it, just from the balls of yarn before you begin! 

With a Rowan favourite yarn, Felted Tweed Aran, in a pair of colour mixes. Take your pick and grab one of the limited kits, or go for the digital access option to join us and use your own yarn.

Choose to knit 12 or 16 squares in cabled, lace, and knit & purl stitch patterns. Ideal once knitted to use as a large cosy wrap, a lap blanket or an extra layer for a single bed.

I do hope you'll join us! The kits are limited, with 10 in each colour combination for UK knitters. If you're outside the UK join us with the digital access option and source your own yarn (or use your leftovers!)

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What kind of knitter are you?

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Hi, I’m Hannah

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There’s always something on my needles, and it’s usually a new design or a firm favourite from yesteryear. I’m certainly someone who returns to the same yarns, embraces natural fibres and is inspired by colour and simplicity.

Learn more about me, my favourite knits from over the years, and what it is that fuels my approach to teaching and designing.

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"I learned some basic stitches on youtube but I really feel empowered as I start through the video lessons! I love that you share the little tips on what you do personally so that I can try that too and so far it is going much better!" 

- Karen, (Alberta, Canada)

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"Hannah, I love the way you explain things so thoroughly. That's how my brain works. I need to know WHY things are a certain way, not just "That's just how it is". Thank you for all your videos."

- Alva,  YouTube viewer

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