3 Essential Tips For Selling Your Knitting

Knitting For Profit

Oct 30

If you’ve been knitting for a while, there comes a point where you realise that your wardrobe is filled with cardigans and jumpers (how many do you actually need?!).

Then there’s that pile of knitted hats and scarves by the boot cupboard. It starts falling over regularly during the colder months as it’s so high and you’re feeling a message like Meg Ryan in Sleepless sees those ‘signs’!

Whether you believe in ‘signs’ or not, you can see the facts before your very own eyes…..and that’s an opportunity for a next step.

Do you want to sell your knits?

Knitting for profit is an idea that can spring from gluttony, but you can start to make the lives of non-knitters better too. Just imagine not knowing the feel of a hand-knitted scarf on a cold winter’s day.

Unthinkable, right?! But it all seems so natural to us.

You’re used to that kind of luxury, why not start offering it to others too in the form of selling your finished knits? (and making a bit of yarn money while you do it!)

The first steps are to set a plan in place.
Start with deciding:

  • which materials you’re going to use,
  • what price you’re going to charge (so you make a profit) and
  • what you’re going to knit.

I’ll cover all these essentials with the 3 tips in today’s video.

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Wendy 30 October, 2018

Thanks of course I understand what your saying but if you over price people don’t want it

    Hannah Gilly 30 October, 2018

    Hi Wendy,

    Yes, a lot of this will depend on what intention you have for wanting to start selling your knits. For a fully-fledged business to sustain a full-time living the prices do need to be higher. And I was surprised that at whichever price I decided to charge there were buyers- the customer base just changed slightly with the different levels.

    Happy knitting!

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