How To Wear A Knitted Scarf (12 ways)

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Oct 23

As knitters we probably have a pile of scarves and cowls within arms-reach all year round. (Not to mention mitts, hats and comfy cardigans!)

And we’re just itching to throw one (or more!) of them around our shoulders as soon as there’s a slight chill in the air in September.
(or as this year has shown, we might have to wait until October some years!)

But what do you do with them, once you’ve picked out the one that perfectly matches your coat, skirt, hat and mitts?

Do you have a same-old standby that is quick to create and cosy?

Or do you get creative every time you walk out the door and tie different scarves up in different ways?

You can hang them down your front, do a simple knot, or push the ends through a loop…. but what other options are there?

I’ve come up with 12 easy ways to wear your scarf. They’re not going to take a lot of learning, or lots of time when you’re rushing out the door with toddlers or car keys and cups of coffee.

You’ll see me demonstrate with scarves of slightly different length in this video. The long one is much thicker and about 12 inches longer than the short one, but you’ll be able to replicate all these shapes with most scarves. Have fun!

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Sarah Bowen 17 February, 2019

No 10 for me! But tbh I don’t usually wear knitted scarves but you’ve made me think again!

    Hannah Gilly 22 February, 2019

    Yes no.10 is a goody and shows off the fabric really well 🙂 I love knitted scarves! Couldn’t be without my collection. Maybe you need to start knitting a few, so you’ll have some more for next winter. 😀

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