Beginners Guide To Yarn Ball Bands

Knitting Yarn 101

Mar 03

You’ve started to knit!

High five!

But there’s one point that might feel like a hurdle. If you don’t understand the yarn that you’re knitting with, you can start to feel stuck.
It may not knit up like you expect. The knitting might feel tight or loose, because of the yarn. And the finished result could end up completely the wrong size too, if you pick the wrong yarn.

That is not a good thing!

There is so much information on a yarn label that it’s easy to get lost.

So many times I’ve made the mistake of just reading part of it, without double-checking the information and I end up with the wrong yarn.

Sometimes it’s the wrong fibre, but more often than not part of the ball band is misleading – for example the title of the yarn might include DK or Chunky, when it doesn’t quite fit into the parameters that have been set for that yarn weight.
In today’s video I’ll show you the most important points to remember when looking at yarn as a beginner.

Remembering the few places to look, rather than getting overwhelmed by the whole is a lot easier when searching through a whole shop or website for the yarn that you need.

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This video is part of a whole host of ‘Yarn Mastery’ videos, that help you understand and choose yarn, in the new beginner’s course, The Masterful Knitter. New for 2020 to help you understand different yarns, pattern language, creativity as a beginner knitter and choosing items to knit up, when you want to learn but not overwhelm yourself with new techniques.
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