Nov 28

Wintery Loop Stitch

Christmas Knitting

If you’ve ever found yourself covered in tinsel strands, and the rest of the house too, because your 10-year-old decided that he wanted a hat trimmed with the novelty glitter yarn, you’ll be thankful for this alternative. As long as you’re comfortable and confident holding the yarn and needles in between stitches, you’ll be able […]

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Nov 01

How to make your hems stand out.

Casting On

Casting on and starting to knit is great, you’ve started, you’re knitting, but don’t the first bits always look the same? It’s a cast on, it’s stocking-stitch or garter-stitch… no surprises there! This video will give you a new idea… maybe you can become a hooked on dressing up those hems a bit more. See […]

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Sep 19

You can be the colour knitting guru!

Knitting Yarn 101

Knitting with colour seems a long way off when you start knitting. You knit a blue hat for a newborn baby boy, maybe a purple scarf for your Auntie and as you get a bit more adventurous you discover the variegated yarn that makes your knitting look like you’re the Fair Isle queen and your […]

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Sep 11

Double Moss stitch

Knitting Jargon Tutorials

If you’re after a bit of texture in your knitting and want to get fancy, this is your chance. In this video I’ve used a chunky, smooth, wool yarn and most importantly a plain coloured yarn, to show off the combination of knit and purl stitches. Have a go yourself, this is an ideal stitch […]

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Sep 05

Are You A Witty Knitter?

Knitting Yarn 101

I love remembering the days when I would gather with my friends and chit-chat about knitting, all of us sharing the space to discuss our latest projects and read our knitting magazines. Those days aren’t that far behind me, but it’s a different world. For me it’s different because I realised that my health wouldn’t […]

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