Sep 24

DIY Friendship Bracelet

Knitting Patterns

If you’re stuck with scraps of yarn and left-overs from bigger projects you might wonder whether to declutter your yarn storage or find another use for them. You’re in the right place as this might sway you towards knitting up a floury of multi-coloured bracelets, for your friends, a school fundraiser, gifts or yourself! This pattern […]

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Sep 13

What Is Chunky Yarn?

Knitting Yarn 101

Yes, what is chunky yarn, what is bulky yarn, rug yarn, craft yarn? There are a few complexities, so let’s break it down and make it as easy as possible to identify and substitute yarn from one pattern to another. I’ll firstly talk about the different names, as yes, there are a few that have […]

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Sep 11

How To Start French Knitting

Casting On , French Knitting

French Knitting is great fun when you know how. And it’s an ideal companion to knitting when you’re teaching your child other yarn crafts. In this video, I’ll show you where to find a french knitting doll, how to cast on and how to get going with growing your tube (AKA i-cord) of knitting. Hang around […]

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Aug 21

How To Pick Up A Dropped Garter Stitch

Knitting Tips and Tricks

You’re knitting along quite happily when you realise that there’s a hole… a run, a ladder, escaping from the middle of your needles! Don’t panic! If you’re knitting every row, you’re knitting what is called garter stitch and you can fix this lickety-split! All you need is a crochet hook or a spare needle, and […]

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Aug 10

Yoga For Knitters: Travel yoga

Yoga For Knitters

If you’re someone who knits everywhere… and I mean everywhere, knitting in the car, knitting on a plane, knitting on a train while you’re commuting…. well this is for you. It’s so easy to realise after an hour of knitting that you’ve barely moved your head, neck, arms or legs in that time and that […]

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