Jul 04

Yarn Review 2018

Knitting Yarn 101

Let’s talk about Yarn! I have been knitting with a few new yarns over the last year and have some reviews ready for you. I’ll talk more about the five yarns that I loved the most in the video. To my surprise they were mostly chunky yarns- surprising as I do use a wide range […]

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Knitting a couple of elbow patches is a great way to encourage a favourite item to give a few more year's wear and allow that love to continue. Let's do it- needles and yarn at the ready!
Jul 04

How To Knit Elbow Patches

Knitting Patterns

I don’t know about you, but elbow patches make me think of dusty old English Professors, and tweed jackets. And didn’t the eleventh Doctor Who, aka Matt Smith, have leather elbow patches in his tweed jackets? (Matt probably wore them in his hunting jacket as Prince Philip too!) The whole idea is to encourage a […]

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Also known as seed stitch this is a fabulous stitch pattern for beginners to learn how to use knit and purl stitches in combination
Jun 13

How To Knit Moss Stitch

Knitting Jargon Tutorials

We all love a good textured knit. It gives a little interest, and with the right yarn you can add a luxurious feel to a simple scarf or beret. Find a simple coloured yarn to really show off the full affect of utilising knitting and purling in this way through the fabric. You can add […]

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Jun 05

My Favourite Knitting Bags

Knitting Tools

Don’t we all have a parade of bags that have at one time or other held a knitting project? I am just as guilty as the next knitter of throwing a pair of needles, a ball of yarn and a folded knitting pattern in my handbag, thinking it will survive a shopping trip… just so […]

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May 24

How To Make 1 Stitch (m1)

Knitting Jargon Tutorials

The more nuanced jargon begins to appear as you shape your garments, that might be giving a nipped in waist to a jumper or cardigan, it might be adding a slouch to a beanie or fabulous flattening to  the brim of a beret. Whatever it is that you’re knitting when you see m1. you’re going […]

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Apr 24

What is DK Yarn?

Beginner Knitters 101 , Knitting Yarn 101

If you’re searching a yarn store and constantly see the phrase, ‘dk yarn’ you might start scratching your head,  (or stroking your beard!) while wondering why these two initials came together and began describing a yarn. Everywhere you see it. Is it another part of the secret knitting jargon that is driving you batty and […]

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Apr 10

How To Knit Neat Edges

Knitting Tips and Tricks

Have you noticed that the edges of your rows seem looser, more filled with stitches than the middle? It might look a bit like you’ve knitted extra stitches when in fact you’re just knitting your average garter stitch scarf or baby blanket. If your knitting is generally a bit loose, this isn’t unusual. But also […]

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