Oct 16

How To s1, k2tog, psso

Knitting Jargon Tutorials

This little collection of knitting jargon achieves one thing… it decreases your stitches on a knit row. Most importantly it decreases three stitches into one. Just like the k3tog we learned last week. (click here to see that video too) And if you’re looking for a dramatic affect, this is the way to go! You’ll […]

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Oct 09

How To K3tog

Knitting Jargon Tutorials

This is another knitting jargon video (I know how much you love them!). Let’s make some dramatic shaping on our fabric with decreasing 3 stitches into 1 in the form of k3tog. It’s easy to get confused and wonder whether the knitting dictionary is pulling your leg, “ha!” said Cable, the knitting dictionary compiler, “I […]

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Sep 24

DIY Friendship Bracelet

Knitting Patterns

If you’re stuck with scraps of yarn and left-overs from bigger projects you might wonder whether to declutter your yarn storage or find another use for them. You’re in the right place as this might sway you towards knitting up a floury of multi-coloured bracelets, for your friends, a school fundraiser, gifts or yourself! This pattern […]

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Sep 13

What Is Chunky Yarn?

Knitting Yarn 101

Yes, what is chunky yarn, what is bulky yarn, rug yarn, craft yarn? There are a few complexities, so let’s break it down and make it as easy as possible to identify and substitute yarn from one pattern to another. I’ll firstly talk about the different names, as yes, there are a few that have […]

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