How To Knit A Christmas Bauble (in any stash yarn you have available!)

Christmas Knitting

Dec 03

We all love some gorgeous Christmas decorations.
Perhaps you have a well-loved glass one with glistening sparkles,
or especially remember the bells brought back from an exotic holiday when you visited a Christmas market?

But how about knitting baubles for the tree this year?

What I love about knitted decorations is that they last for years and are remembered by all generations as ‘the one that was knitted when….’.
You’ll love bringing them out year after year, and will undoubtably cherish them time and time again.

This knitting pattern will let you knit up baubles of all sizes. All you have to do is follow the same instructions and use any yarn from your stash… remember to use the suggested needles for the yarn and you’ll not have any problems.

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